Chelsea Houska Of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Opens Up About Adam’s Custody And Visitation

Chelsea HouskaInstagram

The new season of Teen Mom 2 is set to premiere Monday night on MTV. While fans have been keeping up with the girls on social media, there is still a lot that they haven’t been caught up on and that includes Chelsea Houska’s drama with Adam Lind. In a new preview for the show, Chelsea opens up about Adam’s custody and visitation of their daughter, Aubree.

In the preview, which was posted by the official Teen Mom 2 Twitter page, Chelsea reveals that the custody agreement between her and Adam states that Adam can only visit their daughter a visitation center. Chelsea, who in the preview is pregnant with daughter Layne, reveals that there is an available spot for Adam to visit with Aubree each week. Chelsea agrees to the weekly schedule and admits that it may be good for Adam to be “forced to get to know” his daughter.

Over the years, Chelsea has struggled with Adam being a constant in their daughter’s life and the drama has played out on the show. Adam has another daughter who he signed his rights over to last year.

The preview continues and Chelsea’s producer asks her if Aubree is excited to see her father. Chelsea says “I think so,” but admits the visitation may be a bit “awkward” at first. Chelsea then goes on to detail the visitation and explains that Adam needs to get to the visitation center 15 minutes before the visitation is set to start or it will be canceled. Chelsea then explains that if she can make it there on time with her two kids while being “very pregnant,” then Adam should have no problem getting himself there.

Although Chelsea has this drama in her life, there are also a lot of positive things going in her life as well. She and her husband Cole married in October of 2016 and soon after welcomed their son Watson Cole. The reality show star revealed in March of 2018 that she was expecting her third child, a baby girl. Layne was born on August 29, which just happens to be Chelsea’s birthday as well.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, recent previews for Chelsea have also shown other positive aspects in her life. This season will also show the new house that Chelsea and her family are living in. The house is a beautiful home that appears to be relatively secluded. In the preview, Chelsea talks about how much she enjoys the quiet when she is out on her porch.

Season 9 of Teen Mom 2 premieres tonight on MTV.