‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Demi Burnett Riles Up Colton Underwood’s Other Ladies During Episode 2

Rick RowellABC

Contestant Demi Burnett made quite the first impression on both Colton Underwood and Bachelor viewers during last week’s season premiere. According to spoilers from the latest sneak peeks, she’s going to be shaking things up quite a bit in Episode 2 as well. What can fans expect?

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Demi Burnett will be on the first group date that airs during Episode 2. Colton’s ladies will have to get creative and share a “first” of some sort in front of a live audience and viewers should probably brace themselves for something wild from Demi.

After the audience watches all of the ladies share their stories, Bachelor spoilers suggest that Underwood and his gals will relax at an after-party. Unfortunately, Demi is going to be riling up some of the other constants during this part of the date.

Entertainment Weekly shares the sneak peek into what goes down. Demi and Colton will get some one-on-one time together, and Bachelor spoilers reveal that they will share a kiss. After Burnett heads back to where the other ladies are, she’ll pull a little stunt by picking up the group date rose and joking that it’s hers.

It looks as if Demi is clearly joking as she does this, and she puts it back down after just a few seconds. However, contestant Tracy Shapoff apparently gets incredibly offended by Burnett’s stunt.

Not only will Tracy share how stunned she was by Demi’s antics, Bachelor spoilers reveal that she’ll talk with some of the others about how rude she thinks it was. In addition, Shapoff will be seen talking about how she doesn’t think that Burnett is taking all of this seriously. She’ll eventually confront Demi with the intention of setting her straight.

Demi may have joked about the group date rose being hers, but gossip king Reality Steve has teased via his Bachelor spoilers that the rose actually will go to Elyse Dehlbom. It doesn’t sound as if Burnett’s confrontation with Shapoff has much of an impact with her, as she’ll cause some more drama later in the episode.

The Bachelor spoilers tease that during the cocktail party, Demi will pull another aggressive move. She’ll track down Colton while wearing a bathrobe and apparently she pulls him into a closet to chat. Based on the sneak peek shared via E! News, it looks like Burnett may approach Underwood while he’s talking to Shapoff to pull him away while wearing the robe, and that certainly won’t go over well.

Will this drama involving Demi Burnett and Tracy Shapoff lead to an elimination for either of them? Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers note that four ladies will be left without roses in Episode 2, but it doesn’t appear that these two have anything to worry about yet. Colton Underwood has teased that things will get quite dramatic this season, and it’s clear that the ladies will be getting fierce, even as these first dates of Episode 2 play out.