‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Episode 3 Gives Colton Underwood His Strongest Woman, Pirates, And A Pool Party

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Episode 3 of Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season is set to air on Monday, January 21. He faced sending another four women home in the latest rose ceremony and spoilers suggest that four more bachelorettes will be eliminated during the next show. This one takes place primarily in Los Angeles again, and it sounds as if there is some wild drama on the way.

Gossip guru Reality Steve has been sharing Bachelor spoilers ever since Colton Underwood’s season started to film last September. He says he’s got the goods on what goes down in Episode 3, although additional teasers will emerge over the next few days.

Reality Steve indicates that the show will start with a group date that was filmed in Buena Park at the Pirate’s Dinner Adventure. Eight ladies will be on this outing and there will be medieval-themed activities and competitions. The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve reveal that Caelynn Miller-Keyes will get the group date rose.

The one-on-one date in Episode 3 is said to go to Elyse Dehlbom. As Bachelor fans know, she wowed Colton during the season’s first group date and this is her chance to impress him again. Spoilers indicate that Elyse and Colton will head to San Diego and they’ll hang out with kids connected to a couple of charities.

After their time with the kids in Belmont Park, Bachelor spoilers detail that Underwood and Dehlbom will go to a Tenille Arts concert back in Los Angeles. They’ll kiss and dance as the concert is filmed and it seems she’ll get a rose.

There is another group date in Episode 3 and this one also involves eight bachelorettes. The women will face off in a “Strongest Woman Challenge” and viewers will see Terry Crews and his wife pop up during this outing.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers note that the women will be put through a boot camp of sorts, and everybody will see comedian Fred Willard act as judge for the battles. The ladies will have to do pushups, situps, jumps, and pullups, and they’ll be challenged to do some really tough tasks as well.

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It seems that Catherine Agro, Onyeka Ehie, and Sydney Lotuaco are the final three in the battle, and Onyeka apparently won. However, she doesn’t get the group date rose. Instead, Colton is said to give it to Nicole Lopez-Alvar. There is an after party tied to this date, and Underwood is said to send Caitlin Clemmens home during the after party.

Bri Barnes and Hannah Godwin don’t get to go on any dates during Episode 3, and Bachelor spoilers reveal that there is no cocktail party ahead of the rose ceremony. Instead, there is a pool party, and viewers will see some serious moments during this otherwise playful gathering.

Hannah Brown and Caelynn reportedly knew one another before filming Colton’s Bachelor season because of their respective beauty pageant participation. However, there is some drama from that relationship to be addressed and Underwood will sort through it all during this pool party.

At the rose ceremony, Bri, Catherine, and Nina Bartula will be eliminated. From there, the remaining 15 women will head off to Singapore with Colton Underwood for Episode 4.

Colton Underwood has played coy about whether or not he ended up engaged, and Bachelor spoilers hint that there’s some wild drama on the way. Tune in to Episode 3 airing on Monday, January 21, and stay tuned for additional teasers about what apparently goes down.