Chances Of ‘Bumblebee’ Being Added To The Netflix Library Are Good

The newest installment of the ever-popular Transformer film series, Bumblebee, hit the theaters back in December of 2018. While the film is still playing in some theaters, many viewers already want to know whether the film will be added to the Netflix streaming library.

The live-action Transformer films have been quite popular in the box office since they started back in 2006. These blockbuster films, in addition, to their predecessor children’s shows and action toys have been a part of American pop culture since way back in 1984 when Hasbro created the original transforming robot toys.

To date, there have been five previous live-action Transformer installments. While they initially started off with a huge domestic and international following, the popularity and income earned off the franchise have dwindled down a bit. Many hoped that Bumblebee would be the project that might give the franchise new life and potentially gain them a new audience.

Unfortunately, while Bumblebee was the first of the films to receive nearly all positive reviews, its box office intake was substantially less than previous film installments.

Bumblebee is the first in the franchise not to be directed by the infamous action blockbuster director Michael Bay. It is not action sequence focused and doesn’t have as much of the fancy CGI that the past films have had. This film was instead directed by the acclaimed Travis Knight whose recent credits include the award-winning Kubo and the Two Strings.

What this installment of the series has that past films didn’t necessarily have includes well-rounded characters, clear plot lines, humor, and action sequences that are both easy to understand and easy to follow.

At this time there are no official agreements in place for the sixth live-action Transformers installment to be added to the Netflix library. However, What’s on Netflix speculates there is a very good chance subscribers will see the latest installment in the franchise added to the library this year.

The Netflix fan site goes on to speculate there is a strong possibility the streaming service will work out an exclusive streaming rights deal for Bumblebee as it has done with other Transformer movies in the past.

As for regions outside the U.S., you could be left waiting nearly two years before you can expect to see a streaming version of Bumblebee on Netflix.

Despite not having a big bang in the box office, the positive reviews from the audiences and critics are proving to be promising.

To date, there are currently three different Transformer cartoons streaming on the Netflix U.S. platform.