‘Super Drags’ On Netflix Unlikely To Return For Season 2

While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by Netflix as of yet, it is unlikely that Super Drags will return to the streaming service for a second season.

For those who are unfamiliar with the title, Super Drags is the name of a Brazilian animated adult comedy that hit the Netflix library toward the end of 2018. What’s On Netflix – a fan site dedicated to all things Netflix – speculates the animated comedy will not return for a second season as “all evidence does point to the series not returning.”

As Netflix subscribers know, the streaming service has been hard at work to expand the animated adult shows in their content library after losing popular shows such as American Dad and Bob’s Burgers.

Super Drags was a bit of a unique addition as it was the first animated comedy to come from a country other than the United States.

The series portrays a unique blend of superheroes and the drag world culture. According to What’s On Netflix, the series closely remembers the Cartoon Network series called The Power Puff Girls.

According to the Netflix fan site, they originally thought the animated series would return for a second season because it had a wealth of positive reviews from both critics and Netflix subscribers. A source in Brazil – however – recently surfaced with claims that the series would not be coming back for a season 2.

Lauro Jardim – an entertainment journalist in Brazil – posted a story in Portuguese on O Globo reporting the series would not be renewed.

According to What’s On Netflix, “Created by Brazilian entertainers, the first season of the Super Drags series debuted last month on Netflix, but despite the success, the channel has decided that the program will not have second season,” is the English translation of what is written in the report.

Unfortunately, the streaming giant is not one to dish out reasons why they choose to cancel a series most of the time. What’s On Netflix, however, points out Netflix tends to cancel a series for one of just a few different reasons which include:

  • Not getting enough views to justify the money that goes into producing the series
  • The viewership tapering off toward the end of the season
  • Not able to work out a deal to continue with future seasons

The Netflix fan site speculates a combination of the first and second reason is likely why the streaming giant would decide to pull the plug on the animated comedy.

Another key indicator in the series being canceled is the lack of social engagement in the show’s official Twitter account.