Red Or Orange? Lucy Hale Sparks Debate Over The Color Of Her Dress

Rich FuryGetty Images

Lucy Hale divided the internet community in a very familiar debate after posting a picture of herself all glammed up in a super sexy sheer body con dress at the recent film premiere of The Unicorn.

The photo featured Hale posed and smiling within one hand on her hip wearing a sheer dress with colored textured seaming and a thick, fluffy feathered skirt. The dress hugged every curve but flared out just before the bottom feathering. The garment hem cut off just below the knee but had a low plunging neckline showing a generous amount of skin while still keeping it classy.

The controversy over this high-end designer dress was certainly not what you would expect.

It wasn’t the length of the dress that had the Pretty Little Liars star’s 7.4 million Twitter followers in a heated debate, nor was it the plunging neckline. The great debate Hale sparked on social media was whether the dress was the color red or orange.

Lucy’s optical illusion style dress had her internet followers at each other’s throats over what the color of the dress should be called. The Pretty Little Liars actress seemingly started the feud by welcoming others to cast their vote on the color.

In her Twitter post from a few days ago, Lucy posted a picture of the dress with the caption, “the debate of ‘Was this dress red or orange?’ continues. Let’s take a poll. I say Orange.”

The post has been retweeted more than 450 times, received over 8,600 likes, and has accrued a whopping 800 comments. Looking through the responses left by Lucy’s fans and followers it’s clear that Lucy’s poll results are not unanimous.

Some folks were dead-set that the color was red. Others swore up and down that the dress was orange. There were even people who say the dress was neither and rather a blend of the two as they called it everything from a shade of coral to a blood-orange.

While it is clear that the respondents of the poll are never going to be in perfect harmony, an authority of sorts has stepped out to give the world the official answer on the orange vs red debacle.

According to Georges Chakra, the designer of the dress, the official color is of the dress is orange.

The designer’s official Instagram page recently posted a photo of Lucy at the premiere with the caption, “@lucyhale looked fiery at the premiere of The Unicorn wearing an orange velvet cocktail dress with a color block feathered hem from the 2017 FW Couture Collection.”

While chances are pretty good Hale’s followers will never agree on the color of the dress, they did agree that the 29-year-old bombshell looked absolutely stunning in the Chakra original.