Lil Uzi Vert Claims He’s Giving Up Music For Good

Bennett RaglanGetty Images

Fans of 24-year-old rapper Lil Uzi Vert were shocked and saddened by his recent announcement that he is giving up music for good. The Philadelphia singer and songwriter was born Symere Woods, but is known simply as Lil Uzi to his fans. He began rapping while still in his teens and kicked his career into overdrive in 2014 when he dropped the song “Dej Loaf,” a tribute to the Detroit female rapper. It wasn’t long before he signed a deal with Atlantic Records and began to appear on the Billboard charts. He’s remained one of the most successful young rappers of the decade up until now, according to StereoGum.

Lil Uzi has been working on his much anticipated second studio album, Eternal Atake, which was expected to drop sometime this year. He offered a taste of the album with the single “New Patek” which he released back in September. If he’s serious about his retirement, fans will never hear the rest of the album.

He announced his disappointing news on his Instagram story Friday night, saying that he deleted everything he’d been working on and wanted to return to life as a normal person.

“I want to take the time out to say I thank each and every one of my supports but I’m done with music. I deleted everything, I wanna be normal…I wanna wake up in 2013. Thank you love you, you are free,” he wrote. The mention of 2013 is likely a reference to his last year of living a relatively typical life before he was thrust into sudden stardom, which evidently took a toll on Lil Uzi. The rapper has reportedly been exhausted from trying to live up to the pressures and expectations that come with a successful career in the music industry.

Many upset fans expressed their heartbreak over the rapper’s news on social media, saying it was the worst news of the new year thus far. Some Twitter users even compared it to John Lennon breaking apart from the Beatles.

“Government shutdown, Rae Sremmurd broke up, and Lil Uzi quit music,” one fan tweeted in frustrated mentioning the disappointing start to 2019.

Although rumors of hip hop duo group Rae Sremmurd breaking up have yet to be confirmed, many fans of the “Black Beatles” singers are expecting the worst, according to TMZ. Both artists have been busy working on solo work lately and have suggested the possibility of striking out independently in the near future.