PlayStation 4: Prototype Controller Revealed [Picture]

The PlayStation 4 prototype controller has been revealed, confirming the touchpad interface among other updates.

There’s a lot of things on the controller that ring of familiarity as well as some new and interesting features. The directional pad on the left, for one, seems to showcase bigger buttons that sit closer together than those on the PS3’s controller.

The classic “action” buttons on the right are the same as we’ve come to expect, with the usual triangle, square, circle, and X made the norm by Sony’s flagship PlayStation consoles.

According to IGN, the analog sticks seem to have been placed further apart. Unlike the Xbox 360 controller, they are still level with each other, but the sticks themselves are now concave, offering more grip than the PlayStation 3 controller’s convex analog sticks.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the rumored touchpad, reminiscent of the back of PlayStation Vita, appears at the center of the controller, opposite where the Xbox 360’s X logo button is.

A small button to the left of the touchpad, above and to the right of the d-pad, remains a mystery, though speculation states this could be the rumored share button.

Between the shoulder buttons sits a glowing panel of sorts possibly related to PlayStation Move, according to Polygon. A PlayStation logo button seemingly identical to the one on the PS3 controller sits right where it did before.

Above the logo button looks to be a speaker and a possible audio jack beneath the controller.

Sony is evolving its controller like always to include the latest video game technology and compete with Microsoft’s similar offering. It’s just the norm if you want to compete in the console industry.

Are you excited to see what this prototype PlayStation 4 controller can do with the next generation of video games?