‘Modern Family’ Star Sarah Hyland Emotionally Reveals She Was ‘Very, Very, Very Close’ To Suicide

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is bravely telling her heartbreaking story of how she was once “very, very, very close” to suicide during a period of depression brought about after suffering with chronic pain for a number of years. Per Entertainment Tonight, the star spoke openly about her battle during a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where she revealed that she even once planned out the suicide notes she would leave for her family and friends.

Telling the daytime talk show host that she was at her lowest point at the age of 26.

“After 26 [or] 27 years of just always being sick and being in chronic pain every single day and you don’t know when you’re going to have the next good day, it’s really, really hard.”

“I would write letters in my head to loved ones of why I did it and my reasoning behind it, how it was nobody’s fault,” the star, who’s now 28-years-old, then continued of her past plan to take her own life. “I didn’t want to write it down on paper because I didn’t want anybody to find it. That’s how serious I was.”

Sarah also said that she fortunately managed to get herself to a better place following her depression battle, but added that she once came “very, very, very close” to ending her life after years of pain due to health issues.

“It ended up being myself that got me out of that. I had to do it on my own,” Hyland told DeGeneres during her appearance on the show, airing on January 11. “I told myself I had to do it on my own.”

She also revealed on the daytime talk show that speaking out loud about her struggle to a friend is one thing that really helped her to be able to get to a better place in her life, while also encouraging anyone dealing with similar mental health issues to talk and not keep their feelings to themselves.

“I think talking to someone and saying it out loud really, really makes it sound almost ridiculous and it puts it into perspective,” Sarah shared of how being more open helped her to overcome her issues.

Fortunately, the Modern Family actress – whose character Hayley Dunphy just found out on the popular ABC show that she’s pregnant with twins – is now in a much happier place in her life and is pretty loved up with her boyfriend, former The Bachelorette star Wells Adams.

The twosome often share sweet photos of their time together on social media and have also sweetly gushed about each other in interviews on multiple occasions since they were first romantically linked more than a year ago in October 2017.

Speaking to Self magazine in a very candid interview last year, Hyland shared that Wells had really been there for her while she was in the hospital for a kidney transplant, checking in with her multiple times as she underwent surgery to make sure she was okay.

“He’s seen me at my worst,” Hyland said of her boyfriend of more than a year. “He was there through all of that.”

The star has been very vocal about her health issues over the years. She shared with the outlet during her cover feature that she had a second kidney transplant in 2017 from her brother after her father initially gave her one of his kidneys back in 2012 that sadly didn’t take.

In a YouTube video shared by the outlet to accompany the interview, Sarah became visibly emotional as she discussed her difficult health ordeal, tearing up as she spoke openly about her battle.

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