Can't Delete The Facebook App From Your Android Phone? Unfortunately, There's Not Much You Can Do

Some Android users have recently discovered that they can't delete the Facebook app from their phone. Rather than deleting the app, users are only given the option to disable it. TechCrunch reported on this, noting that "Facebook is the new crapware." Meaning, thanks to an agreement between Facebook and certain mobile companies, the app comes pre-loaded onto the phone. It's also undeleteable, which has its pros for the company considering it might urge users to actively use their platform.

"Consumers who do not want their digital activity and location surveilled by the people-profiling giant will likely crave the peace of mind of not having any form of Facebook app, stub or otherwise, taking up space on their device."
Thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, more information than ever before has been leaked to the public about the true inner workings of Facebook. In particular, many users were shocked to discover the incredible depth and detail of information that the social media platform have on its users, along with the arguably irresponsible way that personal data was used for profit.

Ever since then, Facebook's reputation took a bit of a dive, with users more leery of the social media giant than ever before.

When users opt to disable the app, it's supposed to mean that the app is no longer running. However for some users like Nick Winke, disabling the app isn't the same as being able to delete it, detailed USA Today.
"It just absolutely baffles me that if I wanted to completely get rid of Facebook that it essentially would still be on my phone, which brings up more questions."
Among all of the information that has been learned about Facebook and its practices surrounding user data, a recent report by the New York Times revealed that they offered Netflix and Amazon access to private messages and friends lists without permission. On the other hand, Facebook insisted that any information shared was with user permission.

And while Facebook has faced intense scrutiny, it appears there's less concern about Instagram, which is also owned by the giant.

Only time will tell what will happen with Facebook in 2019. So far, the company is busy promoting Facebook Portal, including spending millions for TV advertisement, detailed Business Insider. So far, the ad costs are believed to have reached $131 million for TV in the fourth quarter, which is more than what Amazon and Google spent to promote their respective devices.