Travis Fimmel Returns To TV With TNT's Sci-Fi Drama Series, 'Raised By Wolves'

Fans of Travis Fimmel who are missing him on TV screens can now look forward to the actor returning to the small screen. However, this new TV series is a long step from the Scandinavian shores of Kattegat where Fimmel played the famous Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok, in History Channel's Vikings. Instead, the actor will play an android who is set to help the repopulation of humankind.

A recent casting announcement sees Fimmel joining TNT's new sci-fi series, Raised by Wolves, which has been ordered straight to series.

As for the character that Travis Fimmel will be playing?

While details on the series are still scant, according to TV Guide, Fimmel will play the role of Father, who is an android. He and fellow android, Mother, are tasked with starting the human colony on the new planet. Using six human embryos, the androids soon discover just how hard this task will be after religious differences threaten to divide the founding colony.

The following synopsis was also given by Deadline.

"[Raised by Wolves] centers on two androids — Father and Mother — tasked with raising human children on a mysterious virgin planet. As the burgeoning colony of humans threatens to be torn apart by religious differences, the androids learn that controlling the beliefs of humans is a treacherous and difficult task."
Raised by Wolves is one of several other series already developed or in production from Scott Free Productions. The other series from Scott Free Productions include The Terror on AMC, The Man In the High Castle on Amazon, and The Good Fight and Strange Angel on CBS All Access, as well as the upcoming The Passage on Fox and the Hot Zone limited series on National Geographic, according to Deadline.

The series is headed by Ridley Scott and Raised by Wolves marks this TV helming debut.

"I love science fiction because science fiction is casting and opening up a brand-new arena," said Scott in a statement.

"The way we come into this brave new world is almost like starting it from scratch with nothing; there are six embryos of children, and that's the beginning of evolution of the new race."
Scott is also set to direct the first two episodes of this series.

A production schedule or release date has not yet been announced for TNT's Raised by Wolves. In addition, there has been no casting news as to who will play the role of Mother in this new series.