Jana Duggar Finally Joins Instagram, Fans Wonder If This Means She Is Courting

It seems that Jana Duggar has hit a milestone. She has officially joined the world of Instagram and fans are rejoicing. This came as a complete surprise. She is getting quite the welcome from everyone who already follows the other members of her family.

On Thursday afternoon, Jana posted her very first snapshot on her new Instagram account. It's a picture of her two adorable nephews, Spurgeon and Henry. Jessa Seewald's two sons are seen sitting in what appears to be some sort of waiting area looking at something quite interesting on a cell phone. The 28-year-old Duggar daughter captioned the photo, "Best Buddies!"

Some people have questioned whether this is really an official page of Jana Duggar, which is normal since there are so many fake accounts out there. However, her sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, posted on her own account welcoming Jana to Instagram so everyone would know it really is her. In addition, Jinger, Jill, and Joy follow her as well.

Her account has already racked up almost 50,000 followers in the first three hours of posting. She will probably end up getting a few tips from her younger sisters on how to handle the trolls who seem to criticize them frequently. At least she won't have to worry about people trying to tell her how to parent any kids as they do her siblings since she is not a mom just yet.

Jana is one of the most well liked members of the Duggar clan. Hopefully this will be a pretty positive thing for her. There were a few comments posted that were wondering how she got permission to have an Instagram account in the first place. Some people are assuming that this means she is courting now since the girls in the family don't usually have social media accounts until they are seeing someone special or married. That could very well be true, or it just means that she is getting older and she has an interesting life outside of being married that she wants to share with others.

Duggar fans are anxious to see what kind of things she will be sharing. They mentioned that they would love to see photos of her garden and DIY projects that she is so famous for. Of course, she has plenty of nieces and nephews to show off in the meantime. It looks like the Counting On star is off to a great start on the social media forum.