Meghan Markle Isn’t ‘Duchess Difficult,’ According To Palace Insiders

Stephen PondGetty Images

With all of the negative press that surfaced regarding Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and possible feuds and bad blood, it’s nice to hear that some palace insiders are coming to her rescue, saying that it’s nice to have the American former actor around as she is a “breath of fresh air.”

Vanity Fair says that according to a royal insider, the idea that Markle has been branded “Duchess Difficult” is missing the mark. The truth is, Meghan is “well-liked” by her staff and they are “excited by her ideas and enthusiasm.”

And sure, the Duchess of Sussex brings her own ideas and perspective to the royal party, but she is also eager to learn all of the protocol and takes tips from those in the know.

Royal watcher Katie Nicholl says that people are totally off base by saying that there is some sort of duchess battle between Markle and Kate Middleton. She says that the issues are between the brothers and not between the wives of Windsor. If any conflict caused Meghan and Harry’s moving plans, it’s between Prince William and Prince Harry.

“Kate and Meghan are very different people and they don’t have a lot in common but they have made an effort to get along. Any issues are between the brothers.”

But if the Duchess of Sussex is having growing pains in the palace, it’s no big surprise. Meghan Markle went from being an actor on Suits to being one of the most photographed women in the world. Add to that moving to a new country, and having to learn how to act and behave all over again, it would be a lot, even if Markle wasn’t pregnant.

Even more stressful are the attacks from her own family in the media. Her half-sister Samantha Markle has continued to lob insults toward Duchess Meghan and tell the world that she is working on a tell-all about the newly minted duchess.

So when two personal assistants left in short order, it reflected badly on the Duchess of Sussex. Duchess Meghan’s personal assistant, Melissa Touabti, quit first, allegedly because the job was too much for her. Touabti saw Markle through the royal wedding, but soon realized it wasn’t a good fit.

Then palace favorite Samantha Cohen gave her notice, but before working with Markle, Cohen had always intended to leave the palace after 17 years of service. Cohen will stay on and depart in the spring.