Prince Harry Reportedly ‘Feels Responsible’ For Meghan Feeling ‘Miserable,’ Per ‘Elle’

Stephen Pond / StringerGetty Images

It is likely no surprise to royal fans to hear rumors that Meghan Markle is finding her situation “incredibly stressful,” detailed Elle. It would be stressful enough to join a new family and move to a new country, but she did all that while being under close watch by royal fans worldwide. Plus, the family circus appears to have no end, with dad Thomas continuing to give very personal interviews. Meanwhile, half-sister Samantha is preparing to drop her tell-all book, and half-brother Thomas Jr. is making a show of inviting the Duchess to his wedding.

“Meghan has so much on her plate, between being pregnant and dealing with the public backlash, and she’s finding the whole situation incredibly stressful.”

Moreover, Elle added that “One source told Us Weekly—particularly dramatically—that ‘Harry feels responsible for Meghan being so miserable.'” The publication then goes on to speculate on what’s making Meghan miserable, guessing it might have to do with media backlash or her inability to speak out to defend herself.

These reports aren’t going over well with Markle fans. For example, Elite Daily sarcastically asked, “Well congratulations, haters. You did it. You made Meghan Markle feel crappy. Happy now?”

And among all of the drama, it’s worth noting that the Duchess is pregnant for the first time, which ought to be a stressful enough situation on its own.

This isn’t the first reports of Harry feeling upset over the drama surrounding his wife. Previously, Us Magazine revealed that he “feels powerless” over the media backlash.

“It has put pressure on her relationship with Harry. He’s very frustrated with how little can be done. Keeping her away from the negativity and harm has been hard for him. It’s been his purpose in their relationship to keep her away from the negativity.”

It certainly sounds like Harry wants to be the protector of Meghan, which is a natural instinct for him as a loving husband. So while Harry can’t control the media, hopefully, the couple has found ways to cope with any negativity being thrown on them in a constructive way.

Perhaps they can focus on the upcoming birth of their first child. Considering the outpouring of love and congratulatory messages following the announcement of Meghan’s pregnancy, it wouldn’t be surprising if the birth of the baby introduces a new positive wave of coverage for the royal couple. So far, people have been busy betting on the baby’s name, while there’s a reportedly high number of people who speculate the couple is going to be welcoming twins.