Naomi Watts And Robin Wright Sleep With Each Other’s Sons In New Trailer

Two Mothers

Giving the whole “milf” title a new angle, Naomi Watts and Robin Wright star in Two Mothers. The trailer, which dropped today shows a twisted story, that starts off on a picturesque beach with two friends admiring young men swimming in the ocean. It’s painted as a new romance, but then takes an odd turn as Robin Wright’s character sleeps with her friend’s son.

This results in Wright’s son seducing Naomi Watt’s character, which leaves the two older women to confront themselves and each other, as well as a whole other mess for the boys to deal with.

Two Mothers made its debut as the Sundance Film Festival. About Two Mothers, star Naomi Watts, who is recently nominated for The Impossible, said:

“I loved how I went from a place of quickly judging them to almost instantly forgiving them, and more than that, willing it to happen and to continue. And the question comes up later, and the ‘Oh my God and we have to end this.’ But it’s too good, and that just felt very human to me.”

Although Two Mothers looks like the perfect Sunday night Lifetime film, out of Sundance, audiences found great humor in the film. However, it’s a surprise if looking just at the cut trailer, which leaves the audience to believe it’s more of a drama than anything else. However, director Anne Fontaine, a native of France, had a different take on the film, saying, “The laughter is a way to express a surprise and also something that you are uncomfortable with. I think in France it will be different.”

Check out the NSFW trailer for Two Mothers: