‘General Hospital’ Wednesday Spoilers: Mac Shares Insight, Cam Faces The Judge, And Margaux Talks With Lulu

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Spoilers for General Hospital share that Wednesday’s episode should touch on a handful of different storylines. It’s almost time for Port Charles to find out whether Laura or Ned will be the next mayor and all hands are on deck to try to figure out who is behind the recent deaths in town. The January 9 show will have action on both of those fronts as well as a few other developments.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter reveals that Mac will connect with Curtis and Jordan to share some insight into their investigation. Curtis and Jordan have noticed that their current culprit is copying some signature details from Ryan’s spree 25 years ago and they’re seemingly turning to Mac to learn more.

Fans will likely be thrilled to see Mac brought into this investigation and given the storyline, it’s a wise move on the part of the writers. Ryan’s new reign of terror is the perfect opportunity to use core characters like Mac, Felicia, Laura, and Lucy more, and viewers would probably say that’s not being done nearly enough.

Unfortunately, Mac won’t have any easy answers for Jordan and Curtis. In fact, General Hospital spoilers suggest that he might leave them feeling more frustrated as he notes it’ll be hard to catch their suspect.

Cameron is ready to face the music in his court case and he was feeling fairly optimistic heading into his hearing. However, Alexis has said that their judge is a tough one and Cam may soon learn he’s facing more serious consequences than he anticipated.

General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps indicate that Jordan will be talking with Margaux extensively, seemingly getting her up to speed on the investigation. Interestingly, Margaux will also be talking with Lulu and insisting that what she has to share be held off-the-record.

Lulu has not only been working on the piece about Ryan, but she has been snooping around a lot into this current case. It may be that Margaux wants to use Lulu’s ability to spread a message throughout town as buzz over these deaths escalates while the investigation slowly moves forward.

Ned and Laura will both be anxious to get the election results and he is said to be compassionate and seemingly realistic as the wait plays out. Olivia will be trying to control some worries she has and this will carry over into additional episodes as the week continues.

Teasers detail that viewers will see conversations between Sam and Carly, Sonny and Laura, as well as Sonny and Lulu. In addition, Soap Central shares that Lulu will soon be checking in with Peter and it sounds as if there will be a lot of buzzing throughout Port Charles.

Will Laura become the new mayor of Port Charles? What will be the key in figuring out that Ryan is still alive and behind the deaths in town? General Hospital spoilers suggest that things are really going to be heating up in the days ahead and fans won’t want to miss where it all heads next.