R. Kelly's Alleged Childhood Sexual Abuser Named By Brother Carey In Shocking Interview

As portrayed in Lifetime's six-part docuseries, Surviving R. Kelly, the Chicago crooner's brother Carey has publicly stated time and again that both he and his brother, Robert, were sexually abused at the hand of a family member for years. Though the alleged abuser remained unnamed throughout the series, Carey sat down with Tasha K. for an episode of her video series, "Unwine With Tasha K," and named his abuser during the tell-all.

As the Guardian reported, Carey said that his older sister, Theresa, abused both himself and Robert for years -- and the abuse was both sexual and physical. Theresa, who was 15-years old at the time the alleged abuse began, was tasked with watching her siblings while her mother worked and went to school. Carey said Theresa would come up with creative ways to punish them for menial reasons, making sure she kept one brother in the house at a time while the others were outside playing, so that she could have access to them without the other siblings around.

"She just took my head and put it down in her private part. She told me to lick her private part. Of course, I didn't know what I was doing at six years old. She was like, 'stick your tongue out, stick your tongue out, lick it, lick it, lick it hard, lick it fast.' And then she started giving me oral sex with her mouth. So she turned around and laid me down and she sat on me. And she took her hand and she grabbed my private part and she put it in," Carey said of one of his first sexual encounters with Theresa.

As Carey stated in both Surviving R. Kelly and the interview with Tasha K., he never told his mother about the abuses him and his brother faced, in fear that she would not believe him. He alleged that he and his brother were just 6 and 10-years old at the time.

"And I pretty much was just was even afraid to even tell my momma. I didn't know if she was going to believe me, or I didn't know how everything would change by me speaking up on it," Carey said. He further stated that he felt as if he told his mother, Theresa would no longer be able to watch her siblings, and as such, his mother would be unable to go to work.

During the docuseries, a portion of an interview with Robert and Travis Smiley was shown, where Robert backed up Carey's claims that the two were sexual abused by a family member, but would not name his abuser out of respect for his family.

"I'm not going to throw any of my people, my family, under a bus, but I feel I owe my fans at least enough for them to have an understanding of what I went through. I was molested from 7 to about 13 or 14 by people in my family… I know I became sexual at an early age because of that," Robert said.

Carey continued through the almost hour-long interview, going into explicit detail of the sexual abuse he faced at the hand of his sister, which he said lasted for about six years. He also referred to his brother Robert as a "monster."