Prince William Gets A New Job As Patron Of The London Air Ambulance 30th Anniversary Campaign

Ian Vogler - WPA PoolGetty Images

Prince William has been given a new job, in a manner of speaking, as he is now the Patron of the London Air Ambulance 30th Anniversary Campaign, Harper’s Bazaar is reporting.

OK, so a patronage isn’t exactly a job, as he won’t be getting paid and the patronage will be one of dozens he already has. However, it’s typical for royals to be patrons of various causes, charities, and campaigns, and their job as patron is to raise money and bring awareness. And Prince William will likely perform swimmingly in his new role.

That’s because William himself worked as an air ambulance pilot for a couple of years for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, from 2015 to 2017. Unlike his various patronages, this was an actual job, for which he actually piloted aircraft to attend to sick and injured Londoners. And although he was officially on the payroll, he donated all of his salary to charity.

In fact, William’s job as an ambulance pilot also prepared him for another one of his causes: championing mental health, particularly for men. In his career responding to crime scenes, devastating accidents, scenes of domestic abuse, horrible illnesses, and other things an ambulance pilot would see, William admitted that his own mental health suffered.

“You’re always dealing with despair and sadness and injury. The attrition builds up and you never really have the opportunity to offload anything if you’re not careful.”

Now, the Duke of Cambridge is working not with his old employer, but an air ambulance service nonetheless. And more importantly, the London Air Ambulance Charity will be celebrating its 30th anniversary, which is why they’ve brought William along as patron.

In a statement, Kensington Palace said that the prince’s job as patron will help bring awareness to just how difficult, and how important, the job of an air ambulance crew is.

“As Patron of the 30th Anniversary Campaign, the duke will champion those working on the frontline, and highlight the importance of the London Air Ambulance’s vital work.”

Meanwhile, the fact that William is spending Wednesday talking about his new patronage, touring air ambulance facilities and hospitals, and doing other princely duties, has not escaped the press’s notice. That’s because, according to this Inquisitr report, today is his wife’s birthday: Kate Middleton is turning 37 today. However, expectations are that the duke and duchess will enjoy a quiet day at home with their children – once William gets off work, that is.