Meghan Markle Is Not The Demanding, Overbearing Boss Rumors Make Her Out To Be, Says ‘Elle’

Stephen PondGetty Images

Meghan Markle is not the demanding harpy that salacious rumors have painted her out to be, and her staff actually love and respect her, Elle is reporting.

You may have read that the Duchess of Sussex has not responded to being a boss as well as some would like. For example, according to this Inquisitr report, Meghan is up and at ’em every morning at 5 a.m., and reportedly “bombards” her staff with text messages, demanding that they figure out ways to get her ideas into action. Reportedly her staff gave her the nickname “Hurricane Meghan.”

“‘Hurricane Meghan’ is ripping up the rulebooks on everything from fashion to friendships, diplomacy to the etiquette of car doors (the Duchess shuts her own).”

Similarly, as People reported in December 2018, reportedly the worst job in all of the royal family’s HR department is being one of Meghan’s assistants.

“She will get frustrated if she is told, ‘You can’t do this or can’t do that.'”

In fact, says Elle, those rumors aren’t true. Or at least, while there’s probably a kernel of truth to them, they’re at once blown out of proportion and don’t tell the full story.

An anonymous royal insider says, first and foremost, that Meghan is well-loved by her staff, and that they share her enthusiasm for her ideas.

What’s more, Meghan has embraced her royal duties and has learned the Byzantine and arcane rules that guide royal etiquette with aplomb.

The problem, inasmuch as it’s even a problem at all, is two-fold.

First, there’s a cultural issue. Meghan is an all-American girl, born and raised in L.A., and life across the Pond is new to her. And Americans and Britons express themselves differently. Specifically, Americans tend to say what’s on their minds, without equivocation or similar conversational niceties, and that may have rubbed some on the palace’s payroll the wrong way. Especially those who have worked with both Meghan and with her sister-in-law Kate, who expresses herself in the much-more circumspect British way.

The other problem is institutional. The British royal family goes back centuries, and the Windsors – the family Meghan married into – have been on the throne for one of those centuries. Things move ever-so-slowly behind the gates of Buckingham Palace, and Meghan may simply expect results faster than the royal family, and its head, Queen Elizabeth, are prepared to give to her.

And as for the supposed “feud” between Meghan and Kate: bollocks, as the British would say. While the two may not see eye-to-eye on every issue – what sisters-in-law do? – the two duchesses have “enormous respect for each other.”