'Bachelor' Star Cassie Randolph Has Done Reality TV Before & A New Season With Her Old Beau Is Coming Soon

Stacy Carey

Cassie Randolph was one of the 30 women who met Colton Underwood during Monday night's premiere of The Bachelor. She managed to make a good first impression on him and spoilers suggest that she will be one to watch this season. As it happens, Randolph apparently filmed a different reality television show before Underwood's Bachelor run and all of this may get fans buzzing a bit.

Gossip guru Reality Steve breaks down the spoilers on this front. In his latest blog post, he says that Cassie had previously filmed a show titled Young Once. It was a series that followed college students at Biola University, where Randolph went to college, and it was filmed about four years ago.

As it happens, the group from that initial season recently filmed updates and those updates will make up Season 2 of Young Once. Reality Steve says that this second set of episodes was filmed from late August through mid-September last fall, which means that Randolph wrapped that up just days before starting to film Colton's Bachelor season.

Adding to the intrigue is that Cassie's experience on Young Once apparently extensively followed her romantic relationship with a guy named Caelan Tiongson. Granted, it doesn't look as if Cassie and Caelan had still been a serious couple during this recent filming period. That said, the two weren't exactly platonic old friends from the looks of things, either.

The sneak peek for Season 2 of Young Once is up on the show's website and as Reality Steve details, there clearly were unresolved romantic feelings between Cassie and Caelan as of last fall. In addition, the gossip king says, Cassie and Caelan apparently did date on and off for a few years, not just for a short period in their early college years.

After that summer 2015 photo, Caelan seems to drop off of Cassie's Instagram page. However, the synopsis of the Young Once series makes it clear that things weren't fully over between the two, even as of this past summer.

"Season one's romance between Cassie Randolph and Caelan Tiongson takes a different turn in season two, as the friends define the next phase of their relationshipo and face unexpected challenges."

In addition to that background, Bachelor fans will be curious to see how things play out between Randolph and Tiongson, especially knowing that she went off to film Colton's season just days after wrapping up this second run for Young Once. Could those lingering feelings for Caelan have anything to do with the twists and turns that Reality Steve's spoilers, via Inquisitr, signal are on the way with this Bachelor season?

The first season of Young Once is available on the show's website as well as on YouTube. The Bachelor spoilers tease that Cassie Randolph is definitely someone to watch this season as Colton Underwood looks for love, and it'll be interesting to see if any of this prior experience of hers seems to play a role in her decisions with Colton.