‘Venom’ Sequel Is Officially In Works, Per ‘Variety’

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Despite being panned by critics, it looks like 2018’s Venom is getting a full-fledged sequel, per an exclusive report from Variety.

Negative reviews aside, the superhero — or rather, anti-hero — film racked up some impressive box office totals, and as a result, Sony Pictures is starting to put together plans for a sequel. The studio has brought back Kelly Marcel to pen the film’s script.

Marcel, who also wrote the script for Venom(alongside Jeff Pinkner and Scott Rosenberg), is best known for penning screenplays for Saving Mr. Banks and Fifty Shades of Grey. Marcel has also done work on the small screen, having co-created Terra Nova — which aired for one season back in 2011, before being swiftly canceled by Fox.

Speaking to Variety, anonymous sources detail that Marcel’s salary offer to return as a screenwriter was significant, though concrete numbers have yet to surface. Marcel will also serve as an executive producer, having also worked as a producer on the original Venom.

Unsurprisingly, a handful of actors from the original film will be returning for the sequel. Tom Hardy, who took on the role of the titular symbiote, will be reprising his role as both Eddie Brock and Venom. Michelle Williams, who played Brock’s ex-fiancee, is expected to return. At this time, it is unknown if she will be taking on the mantle of She-Venom.


Woody Harrelson, who appeared in a mid-credits scene as Cletus Kasady, is also expected to be cast. For those unfamiliar, Cletus Kasady is best known for serving as the first host for the Carnage symbiote, and serves as Venom’s most well-known villain within the comic books.

Behind the camera, Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Amy Pascal will be returning as producers. What is still up in the air is the question of who will take on the role of director. Ruben Fleischer, who served as the director on the original Venom, might not be returning. He is currently working on a sequel to 2009’s Zombieland — which he also directed.

Given its enormous box office success, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Sony is moving forward with a sequel. Despite poor reception from critics, Venom grossed over $213.4 million in the United States and Canada, and over $642 million overseas, making for a total worldwide gross of $855.6 million at the box office. Last year, Tom Hardy also revealed that he has signed on to star in two more Venom films. Needless to say, it seems like Venom will be gracing the big screen for, at the very least, a couple more movies.