Kaley Cuoco Claps Back At Haters Who Said She Didn’t Stand For Carol Burnett At Golden Globes

The Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco took to her Instagram Story recently, clapping back at haters who called the actress out for not standing while Carol Burnett received her lifetime achievement award. The honor — which was introduced this year as being named for the famously funny Burnett — was met with generous applause and a standing ovation for The Carol Burnett Show actress.

Eagle-eyed Golden Globes viewers were quick to call out Cuoco, saying that the actress, 33, didn’t stand and applaud for Burnett. Cuoco went straight to her Instagram Story to slam her critics, saying that not only did she stand for Burnett’s honor, she was also moved to tears by the achievement, Us Weekly reported.

“There’s one thing I want to address, which again I don’t normally do. I was reading some comments about the evening, and I saw a bunch of people posting that I didn’t stand up during Carol Burnett’s speech. Are you crazy?” Cuoco said in her Instagram Story.

She added that the moment was emotional for her, and that she was completely touched by the speech Burnett gave in acceptance. She continued on to say that she will be able to tell her future children that she was in the room that day, and Burnett’s words moved her to her core.

“So I don’t know what show you were watching to go and tell me that I didn’t stand for Carol Burnett, and how disappointed you were in me. Well, you saw the wrong clip because I was standing, and I will always stand for her. She’s one of my favorite people and has truly, like I said, paved the way for my career and a bunch of silly women like me who get to mess around and make jokes on camera and make fun of themselves because of what Carol Burnett did,” Cuoco further stated.

The Why Him actress is a pro at calling out her critics when she feels her name is being dragged through the mud. Last month, Cuoco famously ripped into fans who called her out on an Instagram post where she was leaning over to give her husband, Karl Cook, a sweet kiss. Cuoco wore a flowing, floral maxi dress in the snap, and the comments came pouring in over whether or not the actress and her hubby were expecting.

Cuoco took a screenshot of one of the questions — a screen capture which showed off a few of the comments asking about a potential baby — and retorted by saying that she was sorry that she bent over the wrong way in the pic. She questioned if those who were trolling her would ask her if she was pregnant to her face.

In another picture that stirred up pregnancy rumors, Cuoco also took the time to bite back at “internet trolls” after posting a shot of herself and her sister that people felt showed off a bit of a baby bump. Cuoco again asked if those same people who would be brave enough to confront her in person about an alleged pregnancy, and said it was both comedic and shocking that folks would call her out on a public forum about something so delicate.

“I’m not pregnant. I guess it was a pregnant angle. Seriously, shut up,” Cuoco said in the scathing Instagram post, as People revealed.

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