Jim Parsons Reveals Why He Called It Quits On ‘Big Bang Theory’: ‘We’ve Chewed All The Meat Off This Bone’

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Over the past 12 years, The Big Bang Theory has become one of the best-loved sitcoms around the world. Millions of viewers tune in every week to watch the funny and sweet nerds searching for love in their lives while they get into some ridiculous situations as well as deal with Sheldon Cooper’s quirky personality.

But at the end of last year, fans were shocked with the announcement that the current 12th season will be the last, and shortly after the news broke, it came out that the party who wanted to walk away was Sheldon himself, played by Jim Parsons. Now the 45-year-old actor has explained why he wanted the series to end, according to a report by Comic Book.

Despite the continued popularity of the series, Parsons feels that the show has “exhausted its potential.”

“It’s both as complex and as simple as just feeling innately that it was time. It speaks to a lot of things, none of them bad. There is no negative reason to stop doing Big Bang. It felt like we have been able to do this for so many years now, it doesn’t feel like there is anything left on the table. Not that we couldn’t keep doing it, but it feels like we’ve chewed all the meat off this bone,” he explained.

Presenters Johnny Galecki, Kelly Cuoco and Jim Parsons speak onstage during the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards
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Parsons further expressed that it was “the right time in [his] life” for the series to end. The actor doesn’t exactly have a lineup of shows or movies planned in the sitcom’s place but is looking forward to whatever the next chapter in his life turns out to be. Even so, he knows how hard it’s going to be to say goodbye to his castmates when the last episode ends.


“It will be very, very sad when it does end, even knowing [I am] okay with it. People are okay when they graduate but there are frequently tears at graduation. It’s hard to say goodbye to people that you have worked with for so long.”

Although it’s only Parsons who decided he wanted out, directors and producers of the show decided instead to pull the plug on the series instead of continuing on without him. This comes from a decision they made years ago that if any of the lead actors decided to leave, they would discontinue the entire show.

Parsons previously explained that his castmates would be what he misses most. Along with Parsons, Johnny Galecki (Leonard Hofstadter), Kaley Cuoco (Penny Hofstadter), Simon Helberg (Howard Wolowitz), and Kunal Nayyar (Rajesh Koothrappali) have been working together since day one on the series.

According to Parsons, Helberg is the one he will miss the most, as the pair has had many deep conversations over the years as they pass one another on the way to their respective dressing rooms.