‘Days Of Our Lives’ Comings & Goings: One Brady Leaves Salem, Another Returns


Days of Our Lives comings and goings reveal that the Brady family is in for some changes when it comes to who is sticking around Salem and who is returning to town.

According to a recent report by Soap Hub, Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that one member of the Brady family will leave Salem this week, while another is set to return, and fans can expect to see the family dynamic changed yet again.

The report reveals that Ciara Brady (Victoria Konefal) will leave Salem in the coming days and head to South Africa. As many fans will remember, Ciara’s longtime best friend and former love interest, Theo Carver, currently lives in South Africa, and it seems that Ciara will want to go visit her bestie for a while.

This means that Ciara will say goodbye to her mother Hope Brady (Kristian Alfonso), as well as her current love interest Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson), and the rest of her family as she leaves the country.

However, DOOL fans shouldn’t worry about Ciara’s absence. The fan-favorite character will return shortly, as Konefal is due back in Salem to rejoin her family and friends by February.

Meanwhile, as one Brady gets ready to leave Salem, another will return. Days of our Lives viewers will watch as Rex Brady (Kyle Lowder) comes home to find that things have changed a bit since he left with Mimi and their daughter.


As fans will remember, Rex first returned to Salem with his fiance, Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey). The couple celebrated their engagement and were happily planning a life together before Mimi Lockart (Farah Fath) revealed that she and Rex had conceived a child together during a one night stand, in which he had cheated on his fiance, Sarah.

Sarah was embarrassed and furious by the revelation and ended the couple’s engagement immediately. Rex was remorseful, and even tried everything he could to get back into Sarah’s good graces. However, Maggie’s strong-willed daughter would not change her mind, nor would she take Rex back despite his grand gestures and apologies.

Rex then left Salem to help Mimi and their daughter set up a new home and spend some bonding time with his baby girl. He is now back in town and ready to start his life in Salem again. Rex will likely begin working at Salem University Hospital, and could even become a co-worker of his former girlfriend, Sarah, who is also a doctor.

Days of Our Lives airs weekday afternoons on NBC.