Dame Dash Finally Opens Up About Aaliyah’s Opinion Of R Kelly Following Premiere Of ‘Surviving R Kelly’

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

After Aaliyah’s rumored marriage to R. Kelly, she became romantically involved with Damon Dash, the man she planned to marry. Then, unfortunately, tragedy struck and the famed singer died unexpectedly in a plane crash. Over the years, Damon Dash has remained silent about his relationship with Aaliyah and her tainted past with R. Kelly – until now. Following the premiere of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly, Dame Dash was asked his opinion of the incriminating docuseries, and for the first time ever, he opted to share his personal opinion of R. Kelly while also revealing how his late fiance felt about the singer.

According to BET, Dame admitted he was “tight” after viewing as much as he could stand of the docuseries. Viewing all of the allegations against R. Kelly reportedly took Dame back to a time when his late girlfriend suffered similar effects following her relationship with the troubled singer.

“I watched some of it yesterday, and as a human I was tight. There was a girl and when she was trying to talk about it, she couldn’t,” Dame admitted.

Surprisingly, Dame went on to admit there was one part of the docuseries, in particular, that resonated with him. One of the victims’ reactions to discussing the abuse she suffered at the hands of R. Kelly was relatively similar to Aaliyah’s response to discussions about her ex.

Dame also admitted Aaliyah would typically shut down whenever R. Kelly was mentioned and she’d only say that he was a “bad man.” Even when Aaliyah did try to discuss her past, she reportedly fell short.

“And I remember Aaliyah trying to talk about it and she couldn’t. She would just leave it at that dude was a bad man. I’ve been tight about this sh*t for years.”

Check out Dame’s discussion about Aaliyah at the 10:00 mark:

The host went on to share his opinion of the docuseries criticizing all of the parents involved. However, Dame Dash had a different perspective on that topic. When it came to Aaliyah’s parents, he refused to comment on that aspect out of respect for her.

In addition to the discussion about Aaliyah and Dame Dash’s disapproval of R Kelly, he also admitted R. Kelly actually contributed to the rift between him and Jay Z. The two businessmen, who owned Rockafella Records together, had differences when Jay Z opted to release a collaborative album with R. Kelly. Dame admitted that he ultimately questioned Jay-Z’s character due to the seemingly problematic collaboration. Not long after the album was released, Jay Z and Dame Dash opted to go their separate ways.

Although Dame Dash has been quite vocal about the docuseries, Jay Z and R Kelly have yet to comment.