Kate Middleton Feels Meghan Markle ‘Used’ Her Last Year

Stephen PondGetty Images

New sisters in law Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle spent plenty of time together last year after Prince Harry and Markle’s royal wedding. However, things were not always roses between the two royals.

According to a Cosmopolitan report, the future Queen of England actually felt that the new Duchess of Sussex “used” her. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge did not stay in the same house as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over the Christmas holiday, but they did gather together several times throughout the festive time. During Boxing Day lunch with Queen Elizabeth II apparently, the two women had a chance to discuss their differences and move forward in their relationship.

According to a source, during the frank discussion, “Kate opened up about feeling like Meghan had used her to climb the royal ladder.” Meanwhile, Markle said that she felt the Duchess of Cambridge had “snubbed” her during her first months as a member of the royal family.

Of course, Middleton gave birth to her third child, Prince Louis, shortly before Markle’s wedding day. Despite her maternity leave, the Duchess of Cambridge made an appearance at the wedding and her older two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, also served as attendants in the royal event. For now, it seems like the two are ready to move forward in their relationship, which may or may not be as contentious as the magazines often report.


In fact, during their Christmas Day appearance together, both duchesses appeared to be chummy and enjoy each other’s company as smiled at greeted onlookers. In fact, according to the Sun, the duo enjoyed board games during the holiday.

A source said, “If German and British troops could put their differences to one side to play football during World War One, the feeling was Kate and Meghan could follow suit for Scrabble.” During their friendly challenge, Markle refrained from drinking due to her pregnancy, but Middleton enjoyed a glass of wine. The insider reported, “They were chuckling along together. You wouldn’t know there was any tension between the two. It was a wonderful day and night.”

Neither Prince Harry nor his pregnant wife attended the first church services today with Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, according to an Inquisitr report. Soon, the future King and Queen of England will return to London ahead of Middleton’s 37th birthday, which will be a low-key affair. As for Prince Harry and his wife, their first child is expected to arrive sometime soon.