Is Australia preparing to update its rating system for games?

The Australian government has spent many years apparently deaf to the protests of Aussie gamers, who have long demanded change in the way games are rated in Australia. Right now, the highest available rating for any Australian game is M [MA 15+], meaning you need to be 15 years or over to buy it. This is in direct contrast to films, which can be rated as suitable for those over 18.

The result? Watered-down experiences such as the Oz version of Left 4 Dead 2, which was heavily revised (and apparently suffered for it).

But hark, is that the sound of progress? It appears the Aussie government is finally doing the sensible thing and releasing a discussion paper on an adults-only rating for video games. If you’re an Australian citizen or resident who’s sick of games being treated differently from films, you can now go here to let your opinion be heard.

It doesn’t necessarily mean change is certain, but it’s always nice to see a government lending its people an ear. Now make the most of it, Aussies!

[Via Kotaku]