Chrissy Teigen Wears Nothing But A Towel In Sun-Kissed Vacation Snapshot

Presley AnnGetty Images

American model and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen has been soaking up some sun while on vacation with her famous family as of late. Joined by her husband, singer John Legend, and her children — 2-year-old Luna and 7-month-old Miles, per PopSugar — it looks like the loving quartet truly enjoyed the turn into 2019 in an unknown paradisal locale.

In her most recent Instagram snapshot, Chrissy Teigen can be seen posing in nothing more than a simple white towel. The model’s signature sleek silhouette is on full display as she nestled her young son to her chest, supporting him with one arm. Little Luna can also be seen in the bottom corner of the photographic frame, rocking a striped princess dress with colorful tassels and puffy cap sleeves.

Chrissy is wearing a broad and genuine smile in the picture, revealing her perfect pearly white teeth. Her signature tawny tresses are pulled back into a bun, and her tanned complexion is complimented by the bleached sand of the beach beneath her feet. In the background, several structures can be seen, appearing to be small gazebos common to most tropical luxury resorts. Tiny Miles stares off into the distance — looking skyward with an expression of wonderment on his small face — while Luna appears to be in the middle of a bit of mischief.

The family-focused photo has already gathered a huge amount of appreciation despite having been live for less than an hour, as of the writing of this article. Over 500,000 Instagram users offered up a like to the sunny snapshot, while another 2,600-plus users penned a comment in the appropriate section. One user wrote, “They’re so beautiful Chrissy,” while another quipped, “Gorgeous mama!”


While it’s not quite clear who exactly took the picture, one might assume that it would be the man missing from the image, John Legend. According to Yahoo! Lifestyle, Chrissy recently thanked her talented husband for acting as her go-to photographer in a loving message.

“Thank u for always supporting my Instagram dreams. This train only moves because of you[r phone]… You are the tracks that lay the foundation… creating a direct path to hope and possibilities of likes and curated content. what u do is important. I will never take u for granted, my king.”

Chrissy Teigen has also made headlines recently for being the victim of a vicious eye-poke on New Year’s Eve. According to the Inquisitr, Chrissy was poked in the eyeball by an umbrella belonging to Leslie Jones during NBC’s coverage of the end of 2018. It looks like she’s fully recovered, however, and loving her best life with her family.