Jenna Jameson Opens Up On Her Emotional Reason Behind Her 80 Pound Weight Loss

Jesse GrantGetty Images

In November, Jameson shocked her fans by showing off her new, post-baby body — and revealed she had dropped a whopping 80 pounds by going on the keto diet. She showed off some jaw dropping side-by-side snaps of herself before and after the dramatic weight loss, and now she’s opened up to Us Weekly about what prompted her to begin her weight loss journey in the first place.

“I decided to take my health back when Batel turned 1. She started to walk and I was having trouble keeping up with her. That really made me open my eyes and realize how unhealthy I really was,” the mom of three shared.

Jameson shared that she hit her highest weight after the birth of Batel, whom her and fiancé Lior Bitton welcomed in April of last year — clocking in at 202 pounds for her 5-7 frame. The former adult actress decided to start implementing healthier strategies, and turned to the low-carb, high protein diet. She also discovered that eating whole foods, cutting out snacks, and intermittent fasting aided her in reaching her goals quicker.

Now at 120 pounds, which was her modeling weight, Jameson said that she will continue to practice the keto diet, and that she finds the lifestyle sustainable for her body running at an optimum level. And that extra energy has been helpful to her as a mother, as she is able to participate in more activities with her kids without running out of steam.


“I can now say I am being the best I can be for my daughter. Yes, I was a great mom when I was heavy, but I wasn’t treating my body with the love it deserved. Now I am the woman I want my daughter to emulate,” she revealed.

Jameson has been an inspiration to her 378,000 followers who have been praising her progress and giving her support along the course of her weight loss journey. The actress, who has also celebrated three years of sobriety, consistently shares several photos of herself before embarking on her keto lifestyle and gives updates on how she is feeling now — with recent snaps of herself showing off her astounding weight loss. She hopes that by sharing these photos with others, she can inspire folks to drop the weight and feel better about themselves.

“I urge other moms to love themselves and take it slow, to revel in the little victories and small progressions. Don’t put pressure on yourself, society does enough of that,” she said.