Meghan Markle May Get This “Push Present” From Prince Harry, the ‘Sun’ Reports

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s due date is drawing closer and there’s still lots of speculation from tabloids about her royal bun in the oven. People have been making bets on the sex and name of the baby and now the Sun is reporting on the “push present” Prince Harry might give the duchess to celebrate the birth of their first child.

According to royal etiquette expert, Myka Meier, push presents have become a tradition among the British royals and Kate Middle has received them from Prince William.

“Traditionally the push present, or gift given to celebrate the birth of a child, would be given bedside on the day of the birth from the father to the mother,” she said before noting that Prince William did things a little differently by giving her gifts in the days after the baby’s arrival.

Myer expects the Duchess of Sussex to receive a piece of jewelry from her husband. She’s basing her guess on their tendency to use jewelry to symbolize their love for each other.

“I think Prince Harry will get Meghan a custom piece of jewelry, perhaps with the date of the birth or initials of the new royal baby to make it extra special,” Myer added. “From the beginning of their relationship, they have used jewelry to keep close…”

She also noted that Meghan has shown that she enjoys giving jewelry as gifts to her friends.

Expect to see Meghan wearing a new piece of jewelry the week before she gives birth, said Myer. It’ll be gold because that’s reportedly Meghan’s favorite metal, she guesses.


February is now the “odds-on” favorite for the month that the new royal baby will be born, the Sun reports. In December, she told residents at a home for elderly performers that she feels “very pregnant” and on Christmas Day, she told a fan that she and Harry were “excited” about the impending birth and that they were “nearly there.”

If the Duchess gives birth in February that would be a little earlier than the spring. Kensington Palace announced that “baby Sussex” would be born during that season in their announcement of the pregnancy back in October. There’s been some speculation that, because of the current size of her baby bump, she’s is further along than the royals would like the public to believe.

As Hello Magazine reports, some believe that Meghan hinted she was she was four months pregnant during their royal tour in October as she chatted with an Australian singer who brought her baby to a reception for the Duke and Duchess

“I said I felt sorry for her having to do all these meet-and-greets while 4 months pregnant!” she wrote on Instagram “What a trooper.”