Tayshia Adams’ Relationship History Raises Eyebrows As Colton Underwood’s ‘Bachelor’ Season Begins

Tayshia Adams is one of the bachelorettes who will be on Colton Underwood’s Bachelor season this winter. Early spoilers hint that she might be around for a while and it sounds as if she will probably have viewers buzzing. While it’s not clear yet how much of her romantic past will be revealed on the show, some tidbits have emerged that have people wondering if she’s really pursuing Underwood for the right reasons.

As the Inquisitr detailed previously, Tayshia Adams is from California and she is 28-years-old. Gossip king Reality Steve has noted that she was married once before, to a man named Josh Bourelle.

According to Radar Online, Tayshia and her husband Josh were married for just 18 months. He seemingly filed for divorce in October 2017 and it looks like the divorce was finalized a couple of months later.

Of course, having a previous marriage isn’t necessarily a very big deal and Adams isn’t the first divorced contestant to go on the Bachelor. However, it’s some additional information Reality Steve laid out that might make some wonder about how serious Tayshia is about a future with Colton.

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that just a couple of months after her divorce filing, Adams seemed to be pretty seriously involved with a model named Chase who was based in California near where Tayshia lives. The two were seen in pictures together frequently across Instagram from New Year’s Eve into the summer of 2017.


Tayshia and Chase reportedly vacationed in the Bahamas together in mid-September this past fall, and both do still have shots on their Instagram pages from their time there. While they didn’t post photos showing them together, Reality Steve’s spoilers highlight a comment on Chase’s page where he noted that she was there with him.



What’s interesting about that is that Bachelor filming started on September 20 and Tayshia and Chase were in the Bahamas together only a week or so before that. Reality Steve says that based on what he’s heard, Adams never told her beau she was trying out for the show and only filled him in right before she left. In addition, she supposedly said she was doing it because it could bring her some great opportunities, and he was said to be pretty stunned by it all.

If all of this is accurate, and it certainly appears to all fit together based on the photos available via social media, it could raise some big questions about Tayshia’s intentions in joining Colton’s Bachelor season. Granted, Adams is not the first contestant to jump into filming having just been involved seriously with somebody, nor would she be the first to do the show mostly for the opportunities it can present.

However, fans in the know will probably be watching Adams throughout the upcoming episodes to see if they can pick up signs of all of this as she interacts with Underwood. Reality Steve’s spoilers hint that Tayshia Adams will be around for a while as Colton Underwood looks for love on the Bachelor this winter and viewers will be interested to see what kind of vibes she gives off throughout the season.