Olivia Culpo And Danny Amendola Are ‘Working On Their Relationship’ Two Months After Split, Per ‘E! News’

Olivia Culpo And Danny Amendola are back on once again.

After two months apart, the couple has reunited and are trying to make their relationship work. A source tells E! News that the former pair has “reconnected” and are currently “working on their relationship.” After some time apart, the source shares that Danny and Olivia realized that they both still really care about each other and are trying their best to make things work this time around.

“They spent several days together in Miami for New Year’s Eve and realized they really care about one another. They are definitely trying to work out their relationship and both want to get back together.”

But the source also shares that the former Miss Universe is keeping her guard up and taking things day by day as she is still a little bit hesitant about the relationship.

“She doesn’t fully trust Danny anymore but has a soft spot for him. Olivia really loves him and wants it to work out,” the insider says.

Rumors of a reconciliation between the former flames ran rampant over the New Year holiday. As the Inquisitr shared, both Amendola and Culpo posted videos to their Instagram stories of firework in Miami. Fans of the two stars put two and two together and realized that Olivia and Danny were most likely together over the New Year’s holiday, sparking reunion rumors.

Culpo also posted a video of herself in a plane on the way to Miami, asking followers to guess where she was going. And in that particular video, a man’s arm was visible, leading fans to also speculate that they flew there together after Christmas. Culpo was also photographed in the Miami area, soaking up some sun and riding on a yacht with a few of her girlfriends.

As fans of the famous pair know, their relationship came to an end this past October. E! News shared that Culpo was the one who pulled the plug on the relationship after she was made aware of photos that surfaced of Amendola and CBS reporter Bianca Peters getting rather cozy together at the beach in Miami.

The 26-year-old model was reportedly embarrassed by the whole situation but Amendola tried to explain to her that it wasn’t what it appeared to be. Prior to that, the couple dated for two years before splitting up in March of 2018 but by the end of this summer, the pair was back together until the photos surfaced in October.

It will be interesting to see how the couple’s relationship ends up panning out.

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