NBA Rumors: Coach Larry Drew Breaks Silence On Trade Rumors Surrounding Kevin Love

Jason MillerGetty Images

When LeBron James left in the recent free agency, the Cleveland Cavaliers insisted that they will be heading into the 2018-19 NBA season with the goal of winning the NBA championship title. Unfortunately, since the season started, the Cavaliers don’t even look like a team that could earn a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

After a poor start, the Cavaliers decided to fire Tyronn Lue as their head coach and traded some of their veterans, including Kyle Korver and George Hill. As of now, the Cavaliers are focused on the development of their young players and aiming to acquire a lottery pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Kevin Love, who is currently considered as the face of the franchise, is expected to be one of the NBA superstars who will be moved before the February NBA trade deadline.

Giving Kevin Love a massive contract extension didn’t only allow the Cavaliers to take full control of him for the next four years, but it also makes him a more valuable trade asset. Once he becomes eligible to be traded and proves that he’s 100 percent healthy, several NBA teams are expected to express strong interest in adding him to their roster.

Marc Stein of the New York Times recently named the Denver Nuggets as a potential trade destination for Kevin Love. Stein revealed that the Nuggets have maintained a “longstanding fondness” for the All-Star forward.

In a recent interview with Chris Fedor of Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cavaliers Head Coach Larry Drew talked about the rumors surrounding their lone superstar. Drew didn’t give an assurance that Kevin Love will remain in Cleveland after the February NBA trade deadline, saying no one is safe from being traded.

“As far as trades are concerned, I understand the nature of this business. Anybody can be traded. I’ve been in this league long enough where I’ve seen that happen. I think any deal that makes sense for any team, sure, they’ll be willing to pull the trigger. But that’s just the nature of our business. Around this time is always an exciting time because you start hearing names floating around, all the possibilities and the probables and the what-ifs and 99 percent of the time none of it happens. Trade deadline time is always, as a player you get a little antsy.”

Unfortunately for NBA teams who are expecting Kevin Love to be available, NBA sources reportedly told Cleveland Plain Dealer that the Cavaliers haven’t changed their vision for the team. Despite being one of the worst NBA teams in the league, the Cavaliers still see Love as the centerpiece of the title-contending team they are trying to build in the post-LeBron James era.