‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Who Are The Top Four Women On Colton Underwood’s Season?

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Colton Underwood faces a big challenge this winter as the lead for ABC’s The Bachelor 2019 season. Spoilers have revealed that he will start off by meeting 30 bachelorettes, a higher number of women than usual, and eventually he will have to choose just one of those ladies for his final rose. The hometown dates are always a key part of the season and gossip king Reality Steve has revealed some juicy details regarding the four women who make it to that point this time around.

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, the Final 4 ladies will be determined after a round of dates in Colton’s hometown of Denver, Colorado. Underwood reportedly has seven bachelorettes remaining when he gets to Colorado and he will face three individual dates and one group date as he tries to decide which three to send packing.

The seven ladies reportedly vying for the chance to introduce Colton to their families include Kirpa Sudick, Hannah Brown, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Cassie Randolph, Heather Martin, Hannah Godwin, and Tayshia Adams. The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve tease that Tayshia, Caelynn, and Hannah B. will all get individual dates and things go well for two out of three of them.

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Usually at this point of each season there aren’t roses to give out on the one-on-one dates. However, there usually is one on the group date. If Reality Steve’s intel is right, production might have switched things around this time when it comes to those solo outings and allowed Colton to hand out roses.

In addition, viewers often see one contestant eliminated on their one-on-one during this episode. Based on the available Bachelor spoilers for Underwood’s eliminations, that is the case this time too.

Colton is said to have sent Hannah Brown home during their outing rather than give her a hometown date. Heather Martin is said to have chosen on her own to go home at some point during filming in Denver, seemingly feeling that she wasn’t at the point where she was ready for the Bachelor to meet her family.

It’s not known for certain whether there was a need for a rose ceremony in Denver or not. However, Underwood did whittle down his group of seven ladies to four and each of those four went on to have hometown dates and introduce Colton to their loved ones. Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers tease that those hometowns go to Hannah Goodwin, Tayshia Adams, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, and Cassie Randolph.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, Underwood is said to visit Virginia, California, and Alabama as these hometowns play out, with two of the ladies filming their family gatherings in California. After that, Colton will need to eliminate one more lady and spoilers tease that there are some wild twists and turns that come after that.

Does Colton Underwood find lasting love with one of these four ladies and will it lead to a wedding? The Bachelor spoilers hint that it’s going to be a crazy ride and fans cannot wait to get started.