WWE Rumor: WWE Reportedly Offers Huge NXT Contract To Free Agent, Per 'Observer'

Apparently, the WWE has noticed the changing landscape in the pro wrestling world with the announcement of All Elite Wrestling. As one might expect, the WWE is about to go on a signing spree to snatch up as much talent as possible. That's not a surprise at all, but the circumstances around one upcoming potential signing are quite shocking.

On the most recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the changing professional wrestling world, which eventually led him to talk about one specific person the WWE has on its radar. Unfortunately, Meltzer didn't name the person, but he did talk about the interesting circumstances.

On the matter of signings in the WWE, Meltzer said (as transcribed by Wrestling Inc.), "I think there are going to be some interesting ones."

"Nothing that hasn't been rumored, and imminently. But there's also an instance of someone who is under contract to a company, they're going to be out of contract with the company in a couple of months. WWE, and another company, and maybe even two other companies, were involved in being interested in this person."
It's no surprise that there's a top free agent out there with multiple companies trying to sign them. However, when Meltzer talked about the WWE's offer, that's where things got interesting.

"And this would be a developmental deal but I will say that the developmental money compared to others that WWE has offered was way, way higher. Multiples," Meltzer said.

On why the WWE is potentially changing their way of paying NXT performers, Meltzer said, "Because the business has changed so much and because of everything that's going on."

One name that immediately comes to mind is Kenny Omega, as he's under a New Japan contract currently, but it expires rather soon. He's certainly the kind of performer who the WWE would be willing to offer a large sum of money, and he hasn't inked a deal with All Elite Wrestling just yet.

Of course, that's just speculation, and there are plenty of top independent performers who the WWE would love to sign. Presumably, if the individual's contract runs out soon, we shouldn't have to wait too much longer to find out who this mystery NXT signee could be.

It's pretty amazing to see how much impact the announcement of All Elite Wrestling has had in such a short time. The upstart promotion only has a few wrestlers signed, and they haven't even aired an event yet, but the company is already causing quite the stir.