Trump Eventually ‘Will Fold’ On Demand For Border Wall, Predicts Ann Coulter

As the government shutdown looks like it’s going into its third week, many are wondering what it will take for a solution to come that will bring back jobs for the early 1 million workers temporarily out of a job or working without pay. President Donald Trump has made it clear that he will not sign any spending bill unless it contains a $5 billion fund to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, but Democrats have adamantly opposed giving into his demand.

The strong opinions of both sides of the argument have not been changed throughout the 12 days of the partial government shutdown so far, but, as reported by The Hill, conservative commentator Ann Coulter recently told the public that she thinks President Trump will eventually be the one to give up his fight.

“For one thing, he actually did shut down the government–though don’t worry, he’ll fold in the end,” Coulter said on Wednesday, January 2 while making a guest appearance on New York-based 710 WOR’s Mark Simone Show.

Coulter’s comment comes just two weeks after she said during a podcast interview with the Daily Caller that Trump’s presidency would be a “joke” if he did just what she predicted earlier today and caved to Democrats by signing a government spending bill that did not include the funding he has steadfastly demanded for the last month.

As noted by the Inquisitr, Ann predicted at the time that President Trump would not finish his current term nor be elected again in 2020, a thought she echoed during her guest appearance today.

“If he doesn’t build the wall, the next president will be a Democrat,” she stated.

In between her criticism of the president, Ann did offer praise to one man who she believes “deserves the most credit” for keeping President Trump stuck to his demand — Matt Drudge, who she said went “ballistic when Trump caved on wall funding right before Christmas.”

“He was the one who put it up as the siren,” she said of the founder of the news aggregation site The Drudge Report, which ran the headline “Trump in Retreat” as Democrats and Republicans worked to come up with a spending bill before the government partially shut down in mid-December.

Since President Trump flip-flopped on his decision to sign a potential spending bill that did not include funding for his campaign-promised border wall, he has spent the entirety of the government shutdown reminding his Twitter followers daily about the need for the barrier, adamantly refusing any bill from Democrats that would not give him the requested funds to build one.

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