Rumored ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Reboot Isn’t What Fans Were Envisioning, But A Show Is Being Shopped Around

News has emerged about the rumored Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot or revival and anxious fans anticipating this cult show return might end up feeling a little disappointed. There has been buzz about the possibility that 90210 might be brought back for another round given the success of numerous other older television shows being revived. When a recent gathering of many of the show’s initial stars took place, the rumors really ramped up. Now some clarity has emerged and it’ll be interesting to see how fans react.

TVLine breaks down the latest regarding the Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot idea. Of course, as fans know, there already was something of a revival a few years ago when the CW network created a new version of 90210. The latest rumors made it seem that actors from the original version might join up to bring the series back, but that’s not exactly what is currently in the works.

Apparently, there is a series being shopped around to networks, and it is linked to Beverly Hills, 90210. A handful of familiar faces are involved, but it won’t be a traditional dramatic reboot of the original series. As the Inquisitr previously detailed, those involved had said this would be something non-traditional in terms of reboots. Now, a clearer picture of the plan is emerging.

Instead of a regular revival, it’ll be a “mockumentary-style dramedy.” The show is untitled at this point and each episode is slated to be an hour long. The returning cast members wouldn’t be playing Donna Martin, Kelly Taylor, David Silver, Steve Sanders, Andrew Zuckerman, and Brandon Walsh though. Instead, they would all play themselves in an exaggerated, fictionalized form.

It seems that this project would follow the cast members as they worked to get a theoretical 90210 revival going. As TV Guide shares, this series would be somewhat similar to the premise of Tori Spelling’s previous show, So NoTORIous, that aired in 2006 on VH1.

The good news is that several Beverly Hills original cast members have signed onto the project. Tori, Ian Ziering, Jennie Garth, Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley, and Gabrielle Carteris are all game to be involved and that slate has been pretty consistent in the various reports of this show’s development. Unfortunately, at least at this point, fans cannot count on seeing either Luke Perry or Shannen Doherty as part of the cast.

CBS Studios is behind the show. In addition, Chris Alberghini and Mike Chessler, who created So NoTORIous and were linked to the earlier 90210 revival, will write and executive produce this new series. There are said to be numerous outlets interested, including some streaming outlets and one major network.

Will a Beverly Hills, 90210-based mockumentary like this take off with viewers? Everybody will need to stay tuned for now to see what comes next for this project, but it sounds likely that it’ll be picked up by somebody and fans of the original series may not be able to resist giving it a try.

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