Actor Christian Keyes Asks Gay Men To Stop ‘Harassing’ Him On Instagram

Phillip FaraoneGetty Images

Actor Christian Keyes, who starred on the soap Saints & Sinners, has posted a video on Instagram asking gay men to stop harassing him with forward messages on social media. Keyes says he loves and respects the gay community, but he would rather get fewer suggestive emojis in his DMs.

The Pink News says that Keyes is asking that men stop posting “aggressive” sexual comments on his Instagram page. He says he respects the LGBT community, but he’d like gay and bisexual men to stop “harassing” him.

He asks that people respect his truth.

“I got nothing but love for all other brothers and sisters in the gay community. Period. It ain’t my business, that’s between you, who you love, and god.”

Keyes asks for everyone to show respect for one another, and just to be civil.

“Gentlemen, let’s not be in the comments section with the eggplant emojis and, you know, the sexual comments. I’m not a fan of that.”

The actor, who now stars in the BET series In Contempt, says that he is grateful for the fans, but some of his direct messages cross the line.

“I appreciate you supporting my work but let’s not be in the DM [telling me]: ‘Hey sexy, what’s up? What’s good?”

Christian Keyes has over 350k followers on Instagram and his video has been viewed almost 80k times, and he says he realizes he might get some backlash for making the video, but he believes that it’s about time that he said something.

Gay Star News says that he has certainly had enough of the eggplant emojis (a symbol for male genitalia) in his messages. After posting his video on social media, Keyes turned off the comments on his Instagram page so that he doesn’t have to see the responses.

But before Keyes turned off the comments on his Instagram page, some of his followers answered back and most were pleasant about it, thanking the actor for being polite about the matter.

“These videos were so #refreshing – THANK YOU for being aware enough, present enough and bold enough to speak your #truthwithout being offensive (to the SJW’s), whilst maintaining your integrity and composure. Now, THIS is the kind of #teamleo individual I like to see???????????? Happy New Years – may you have a Happy, Healthy and Harmonious #2019and beyond????????????????.”

Keyes has also asked fans to steer clear of mentions of witchcraft on his Instagram page.

“Oh, Nooooooooooo!! Now you’re going to far… #TooDamnFar practice your witchcraft on your page… We don’t cast spells over here… is this a real-life episode of #Supernatural or #Legends????????????‍♂️ #WTF???? you can have a tall glass of this block button????.”