Lottie Moss Lost Her Expensive Chihuahua At A Christmas Party

Lottie Moss is Kate Moss’s younger sister. She’s a 20-year-old model whose net worth is listed on Gossip Gist as being $75 million. Many may not be aware, but her birth name is actually Charlotte Moss, Lottie for short. She attended the University of Oxford and Abbey College. Lottie Moss is a very popular British Model who rose to prominence after her printed debut in the 2014 issue of Teen Vogue. Currently, Lottie Moss is signed to Storm Models Management and has close to 300,000 followers on her social media Instagram account @lottiemossxo.

Fans and followers are fond of gossiping and discussing Lottie’s wardrobe, amazing figure, and impeccable fashion sense. However, this week has brought on a different type of discussion, centering around an approximately $1,262 chihuahua. Apparently, Lottie Moss attended a Christmas house party, left for her home, and woke up the next day having realized she forgot the dog, reports Inside Nova. She then had to return to the house party the following day to retrieve the tiny teacup-sized pup. The dog’s name is Lulu.

A source spoke with reporters at the Sun, explaining what had happened with Moss’s pet, cites NOVA.

“Lottie, just like Kate, loves to party and have a drink. She brought Lulu to a house party, as lots of her pals wanted to meet her. She mainly carried Lulu due to her size but she knew it would be a safe environment for her dog to roam free if she put her down. As the night went on, Lottie became the life and soul of the bash. She spent a lot of time flirting with a mystery hunk. They snuck off together for a bit to get some alone-time and Lottie later went home in the early hours of the next morning. The only problem was she forgot to take Lulu home with her. So, it was left to her pals to take care of her. Fortunately, Lottie realised the next morning and went to pick up her pooch with her tail between her legs. She felt incredibly guilty.”

Certainly, the gossip and buzz going around are likely to not help ease Lottie Moss’s guilt over having forgotten the pooch at her friend’s home. But fortunately, the pet does seem to be safe and sound, and back once again with Lottie.

Chihuahua’s are a very tiny breed and are easily able to accompany owners by simply being carried about. They are, in fact, the smallest breed of dog.

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