Toni Braxton & Birdman Appear To Have Broken Up After Songstress Scrubs Her Instagram

It looks like things are finished between Toni Braxton and Birdman. Although the high-profile couple has been planning their wedding since February, reports indicate that the pair has called it quits — and their social media certainly reflects that situation.

According to E! News, the musicians have both been using their online accounts to indicate their relationship has ended. Birdman took to his Instagram story yesterday with the simple but ominous post, “It’s over…” His confession didn’t last long, though. Shortly after, he deleted the post and went so far as to scrub his entire Instagram account. He also unfollowed Braxton’s account — and she did the same.

Braxton was also sharing vague Instagram posts that hinted at her separation from Birdman. She posted a stunning picture of herself in a long red evening gown, complete with long black velvet gloves. But the singer’s caption is what really drew attention from her fans.

“Starting a new chapter isn’t always an easy choice… but ALWAYS choose to be chosen,” Braxton wrote. “Cheers to a new year.”

Although the couple has been engaged since early last year, their relationship can be traced back far longer than that. The two had been friends for about 17 years before they become romantically linked — and for a while, it was smooth sailing.

As recently as November, Braxton told talk show host Wendy Williams all about her plans for a wedding that was “vintage ’20s and ’30s-like Great Gatsby-themed.” She even went so far as to inform Williams that the chances of her getting married by the end of 2018 were about 70 percent.

“We almost had a date,” Braxton said during the interview. “Well, we had two dates. But we were doing Braxton Family Values and we were going through a little drama. And I was like, ‘The wedding is a good thing to get all the sisters together.’ [But] I couldn’t get us all together.”

And while during the interview Braxton proudly showed off the $5 million wedding ring Birdman had picked out for her, in the weeks following her appearance, the singer was seen to have stopped wearing it.

It’s a dramatic change from February of 2018 when Birdman proclaimed his undying love for the legendary singer.

“T, that’s my girl, my friend, my family,” the rapper said in an interview. “That’s my love, my soldier, my life… She’s my life. I love her to death.”

Neither musician has yet to officially comment on the situation or their recent moves on social media. This would have been Birdman’s first wedding and Braxton’s second.

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