YouTube & Netflix Star Cameron Dallas Speaks Out After Being Arrested For Assault

Vivien KillileaGetty Images for iHeartMedia

In the early hours of Saturday morning, YouTube and Netflix star Cameron Dallas was arrested at a hotel in Colorado following an alleged assault. An ambulance had been called to the Hyatt Residences Grand Aspen where a man was taken away to a hospital with severe facial injuries.

The man accused Dallas of being the perpetrator of the assault, resulting in the police being called to the hotel. After his arrest, Dallas has issued a statement regarding the incident, according to a report by Comic Book. He took to Twitter with the explanation, as well as his mugshot.

“Unfortunately sometimes in life you find yourself in a situation where you have to protect yourself and the people you care about, have a safe and happy new year, 2019 is going to be an amazing one.”

The post seemed to indicate that Dallas intends to argue that the incident was nothing more than a case of self-defense. The accompanying photo also shows him smiling slightly, presumably indicating he is not worried about the case that is being built against him.

Dallas was arrested on charges of second-degree assault, pending an investigation into the incident. He was released after a $5,000 bond was posted. His official court date with a judge has been set for January 22.

The incident occurred around 5 a.m. on Saturday morning at the hotel. The man taken to the hospital was covered in blood when the ambulance and police arrived on the scene, according to the Aspen Police Department. He appeared to have a broken nose.

Twenty-four-year-old Dallas was also a guest at the hotel when the incident occurred. It is unclear whether or not Dallas has an attorney dealing with the case already.

Further details of the assault have yet to be released, and Netflix, the streaming service on which Dallas’ show Chasing Cameron appears, has not commented on the incident or Dallas’ future on their service, despite a request for it.

Chasing Cameron takes his fans “behind the scenes with social media sensation Cameron Dallas as he takes his career to the next level on an international tour,” per the show’s description. This means that his arrest for a violent felony offense could affect his future as a celebrity as well.

Dallas first became famous through Vine and YouTube videos, according to CNN. He currently has approximately 5 million subscribers on the video streaming site and a further 21 million subscribers on his Instagram account.