Watch Chrissy Teigen's New Year's Slap In The Face By Leslie Jones' Umbrella

Chrissy Teigen has had a very rough start to her 2019. She was hosting NBC's New Year's Eve special along with Carson Daly, and was having a blast. Chrissy has quite a following for always being quick witted, and regularly keeps her followers entertained with her quips and sense of humor.

But it seems as if the new year began on a different note for the former model, per Hollywood Life. Teigen was having getting into the spirit of things and was enjoying the countdown to 2019. When the clock struck midnight, pandemonium broke out at Times Square as the new year was rung in.

Several videos of the umbrella-smacking moment have gone viral, as Teigen's facial expression is priceless. She certainly was not expecting to be manhandled so early in the year, but appeared to put on a cheerful face.

The hosts were also congratulating each other for the forthcoming year, and were beaming with excitement. Leslie Jones, who is much taller than the petite Teigen, moved in to wish the host happiness for the new year. Jones carried an umbrella and inched her way toward Teigen. But as she leaned in for a hug and a kiss, Teigen was smacked in the face by the handle of Jones' umbrella.

Teigen fell backward and seemed to stagger, but Jones can be seen cradling the host's face and bringing her in for another hug. Jones' umbrella was clear and allows one to see how Chrissy fell backward -- as well as her facial expression when she was slapped in the face by an inanimate object.

Teigen bounced right back after the umbrella attack, and allowed Jones to plant a kiss on her face. Chrissy just rolled with the punches -- and embraced Jones at the start of the year.

For those who are wondering if Chrissy is feeling okay after the early morning shenanigans, she let her fans know that she is doing okay. In typical Teigen style, she proved that she can still laugh at herself. At 7 a.m. she posted that she was going back to the scene of the incident to find her eyeball.

She continued the fun in the comments section of the post. One Twitter fan, TheRealDiehl, was determined to help her find the eye and said, "I turned one in to Lost and Found. Exact description?"

"Round. Brown dot in the middle perhaps slightly bloody," said Chrissy Tiegen in response.