Texas Bus Driver, Curtis Jenkins, Buys Christmas Presents For Every Kid On His Route

Curtis Jenkins of Dallas, Texas took a page out of Santa’s playbook by making a list of what the kids on his school bus route wanted for Christmas and checking it twice.

The Lake Highlands Elementary School bus driver decided to ask each student on his bus what they wanted for Christmas and save his own personal money to put toward a gift for each student. When local members caught wind of the bus driver’s plan, they were more than happy to chip in to make sure the Christmas wishes of every student on that bus came true.

In total, Jenkins gifted 70 Christmas presents to the students on his bus route.

“There was even a bike on that bus! This reminds us how much good there is in the world and how we should all strive to be a little more like Curtis,” the elementary school exclaimed in a Facebook post that included several pictures of the present filled bus.

“Who knew Santa also drives a bus? What a great man,” one individual penned in the comments of the now viral Facebook post.

Published a few days before Christmas, the Facebook post has been showered with love accumulating over 22,000 reactions, 1,200 comments, and over 13,000 shares.

Some admitted the gesture from Jenkins moved them to tears given the common knowledge of how little bus drivers make for the important job they have of safely transporting children to and from school each day.

“Curtis Jenkins, one of the nicest, kindest and funniest smart drivers at our facility he’s has a big heart and a smile out of this world! Curtis I commend your greatness, may God continue to be a blessing in your life and others,” another individual added to the comment section thanking the bus driver for his kind gesture.

According to Dallas-Fort Worth’s NBC 5, Curtis was so committed to this Christmas plan that he and his wife made the decision not to exchange presents this year so he would have enough money to take on the role of Santa for the students on his bus.

“That little time they have with me, it means so much. I’m the first face they see before they get to school in the morning. I call my bus a community. We love each and everybody in the community,” Jenkins said as he opened up about his plan.

He also admitted to the media outlet he was shocked by how many people reached out to help him with his plan.