These CBS Shows Are & Aren’t Coming To Netflix In 2019

Monty Brinton/Patrick Harbron/Justin StephensWarner Bros. Entertainment & CBS Broadcasting

Typically, when a network establishes their own streaming service the first thing they do is work on pulling all of their content from competing services. Disney is a prime example as Netflix subscribers have been forced to say goodbye to popular Disney titles all month.

CBS is a unique exception to this since the network maintains its own streaming service but still has content streaming in the Netflix library. Moreover, the network continues to add new content to the streaming library frequently.

In fact, per What’s On Netflix, subscribers can expect a selection of CBS content to hit the streaming library through the 2019 year. The Netflix news site does clarify the CBS line-up of additions to the streaming library mirrors the 2018 line-up. So, there shouldn’t be too many surprises to catch subscribers off guard.

Here’s What Isn’t Coming To Netflix Next Year

CBS shows you should not expect to hit the Netflix streaming library include:

  • Elementary (available on Hulu)
  • Bull (available on CBS All Access)
  • NCIS: New Orleans(available on CBS All Access)
  • MacGyver(available on CBS All Access)
  • SEAL Team(available on CBS All Access)
  • S.W.A.T.(available on CBS All Access)
  • The Big Bang Theory(available on CBS All Access)
  • Mom(older seasons available on Hulu, new seasons on CBS All Access)
  • Life in Pieces(available on Hulu)

Anything coined as a “CBS All Access Original” series wouldn’t be available on Netflix either – or any other streaming service for that matter.

CBS also doesn’t release any of their late night shows, reality TV shows, game shows, or award shows to other streaming services.

So, what can you expect CBS to release on Netflix next year? Keep reading to find out.

Season 16 of NCIS

Netflix tends to keep to previous release patterns, so Season 16 of NCIS is expected to hit the streaming library in July of next year.

Season 5 of Madam Secretary

What’s On Netflix also expects the next season of Madam Secretary to hit the Netflix library during the month of July.

Season 9 of Hawaii Five-0

Netflix is expected to release the next season of Hawaii Five-0 around the same time it releases Season 16 of NCIS and Season 5 of Madam Secretary.

Season 9 of Blue Bloods

July of 2019 is sure to be a popular month for CBS fans who subscribe to Netflix as the next season of Blue Bloods is also set to hit that month.

What Happened to Criminal Minds?

Netflix was expected to drop a new season of Criminal Minds this year. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. What’s On Netflix admits to being “perplexed” as to why this particular series hasn’t been updated in the streaming library with everything else.

Subscribers are still holding out hope that Season 13 and 14 may hit the library sometime in 2019.