6-Year-Old Spent Christmas Handing Out ‘Goodie Bags’ To Homeless People

Christmas is a time for giving and showing love, but most people don’t extend that much beyond their own circle of family and friends. One little 6-year-old girl, however, saw people in need, and decided to spend the day doing something to help them.

Pearly Rose McGowan left a movie theater on Christmas Eve with her family when she noticed a homeless man sitting huddled against the cold in a doorway. She was concerned by his evident suffering, and went to bed troubled that night. As Unilad reported, when Pearly woke up on Christmas morning, she had hatched a plan.

After she had opened her presents, she asked her family if they would help her to help some of the homeless people in Glasgow. She asked her grandfather, 57-year-old Martin, if they could create “goodie bags” for them.

Soon her entire family was in on the plan. Her grandmother Ruth made some soup, and they loaded the bags with the warm soup, sandwiches, chips, sweets, socks, cigarettes, and an envelope with £20 inside it. Pearly’s cousin, 15-year-old Michaela, went along to the city center to hand out the gift bags.

Teresa, Michaela’s mother, said one person was so touched by the gesture they were brought to tears.

The family traveled from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, to Glasgow on Christmas afternoon, looking for anyone that they could help with their gift bags.

Teresa praised her niece for her kindness and selflessness on Christmas Day, when most other children her age are more interested in playing with their new toys than thinking of others.

“They started driving around Glasgow but they couldn’t see anyone homeless, that’s when they decided to go on foot. They went around the city center and told us that one of the guys that received the bags was crying saying ‘you don’t know what this means’. It was just so lovely to hear, Pearly says she wanted to do it because she wanted them to have something for Christmas. It’s just amazing because at six years old or when you are 15 years old you just think of yourself. But not Pearly, she decided to think of others before herself and that’s exactly what she’s like.”

Teresa also said the family posted photos of the children’s good deed to Facebook, and spent the rest of the day getting messages from people in awe of their generosity.