Halle Berry Captures Fans’ Attention With New Scorching Hot Selfie On Instagram

Rob Kim/Getty Images

Halle Berry as never looked her age, and fans have often swooned over her striking looks. Now, she’s stunned yet again with her latest sultry photo. According to Hollywood Life, the famed actress recently took to Instagram with a sexy selfie that has captivated fans all over the world.

In the photo, Halle Berry can be seen standing in front of a mirror wearing a sheer black ensemble. Halle Berry’s tousled hair, toned arms, and glistening skin are complimented by the dim lighting. For many of the 52-year-old actress’ fans, the photo is the epitome of perfection.

As expected, Halle Berry’s photo has gone viral in a very short period of time and fans have wasted no time complimenting her on her stunning good looks. But despite the flood of compliments on social media, Halle Berry still insists there are areas where she could improve. Halle Berry’s latest sultry Instagram post follows her recent interview where the actress revealed her fitness goals for 2019.

According to Woman’s Health, Halle Berry revealed she’s focused on her core next year because she wants to “get bad a** banging abs.” In addition to Halle Berry’s fitness goals, she’s also taken to social media with an accountability message to her fans.

She shared a photo she’d taken with her fitness trainer, Peter Lee Thomas.

“If you’re the type of person that purchases a gym membership Jan 1st but doesn’t end up really using it, I’m talking to you!” Halle wrote adding, “This #FitnessFriday is all about setting realistic goals and intentions for yourself in the #NewYear! Write them down, put them somewhere you see every day and keep them as your daily motivation to stay focused and inspired on your #2019 fitness journey.”

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However, this isn’t the first time Halle Berry has spoken about her health. Back in September, she discussed her fitness regime revealing exactly how she’s managed to stay in shape over the years. The actress credits cardio for her health and the intensity of her fitness regime.

“I believe that my fitness regime is not the same without it!” she said. “Cardi and heart health can go hand-in-hand.”

Despite Halle Berry’s fitness goals, many of her fans argue she’s as close to perfection as anyone can physically get. Many have agreed that at the age of 52, Halle Berry doesn’t look like she’s aged much at all.