Coconut Waste Being Used To Create Eco-Friendly Wool Alternative

Lea van der Merwe - Author

Dec. 30 2018, Updated 7:55 p.m. ET

There has been a great push to find more environmentally friendly ways to do, well, everything, and more and more people are coming up with ideas to make life more eco-friendly. One such idea came from Nanollose, who has created a new way to make wool that is both greener and more friendly to animals.

As reported by Plant Based News, plenty of alternatives to the traditional wool have been created in recent times, and they’re all making use of sustainable resources to create the products.

Rayon has been a cruelty-free alternative to wool for years already, but unfortunately, the products result in millions of trees being cut down every year for the creation of their fabric. Australian based company Nanollose came up with a much better alternative that also remains cruelty-free.

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Nanollose has created a “wool-like material” that they make from coconuts. The tropical fruit is a vegan favorite given its versatility, which includes its many uses in the kitchen and in beauty products. Producing clothing is just the latest use for coconuts, and it’s an incredible one at that.

This new material, which Nanollose says can be created in just 18 days, uses very little water, land, and energy to produce.

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The material is called Nullarbor, and is created with the use of bacteria. The bacteria naturally ferment liquid coconut waste from the food industry into cellulose, which is the building block to create the final product of the material.

“We have successfully taken waste and created clothing, and we have done it following industrial protocol. Our fiber was spun into yarn and made into fabric, then manufactured into this garment using existing industrial equipment. It validates our entire process,” Nanollose Managing Director Alfie Germano said.

Clothing being created from waste and recycled goods seems to be on the rise. The climate crisis has made more and more individuals and companies realize the impact we as humans are having on the planet, and businesses are coming up with ways to be more environmentally friendly and create eco-friendly products. Adidas is another company who has started using recycled products, this time in the form of ocean plastic, to create their products.

The fashion industry greatly contributes to pollution and climate change. Nanollose’s idea of re-purposing waste is an innovative way to cut down on their contribution to this, and also finds a way to remain animal-friendly at the same time.


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