‘The Young And The Restless’ Fans Think Lola Overreacted To Kyle’s Christmas Gift

Johnny VyCBS

Last week on the Young and the Restless, Kyle and Lola exchanged gifts for Christmas, and Lola loved the purse Kyle picked out for her. Similarly, Kyle adored the watch that he unwrapped from Lola.

After Christmas, Kerry (Alice Hunter) informed Lola (Sasha Calle) that her handbag was a limited edition worth $5,000, and Lola promptly flipped out on Kyle (Michael Mealor). For his part, Kyle did not see what the big deal about the expensive purse was, which further infuriated Lola. She told Kyle he clearly knows nothing about her if he felt she’d appreciate such an expensive and frivolous gift, and then Lola dumped Kyle and returned the costly gift.

Inquisitr spoilers reveal that Devon (Bryton James) hosts a New Year’s Eve party to bid good riddance to the terrible year that was 2018 for him. He invites Lola, who happily shows up without Kyle. However, Abby (Melissa Ordway) asks Kyle to come at the last second, and he’s thrilled to go just for the chance to spend the last night of the year near Lola, who he hopes to get a second chance with, especially since he does not understand how the handbag is really such a big deal. How could Lola break up with him because he bought her a gift? It does not compute for Kyle, but then, he’s never dated a woman like Lola before.

At midnight Kyle hopes to kiss Lola, but she has other ideas, and she ends up locking lips with Fen (Zack Tinker) much to Kyle’s chagrin.

Viewers tend to agree with Kyle, and they think that Lola totally overreacted to the Christmas present. In the group “We Love Y&R,” fans spoke out about the Genoa City newcomer’s reaction. One member posed the question, “Do you think Lola overreacted?” Fans responded in droves.

“Yes. She’s dating a kid who grew up with millions. What does she expect?” one replied. After all, Kyle never told Lola that he was poor, and she’s aware he’s an Abbott, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Another fan revealed her disappointment in the new chef’s behavior.

“I thought they belonged together, but I’m changing my mind. Kyle deserves better. He doesn’t need that kind of headache. She needs to grow up! JMO,” she wrote.

While some fans blamed the situation on what they called bad writing, another offered a different take that seemed more in line with the character.

“She is trying to be independent and prove she can achieve things on her own and probably feels like Kyle is trying to buy her affection. I hope she doesn’t shut him out because I think he does care for her. And I think Fen will take advantage of her,” the viewer wrote.

Others pointed out that Lola was not so worried about Kyle and his money when his fan bought lots of food from her food truck and had her cater events. Plus, Kyle’s Aunt Abby even hired Lola to be the chef at her hip new restaurant. Finally, many agreed that if Lola did not want the purse, she should have sold it and used the money to fix her food truck.