Watch: Transgender Woman Physically Threatens GameStop Employee After Being Misgendered In Viral Video

An altercation between an irate transwoman and a GameStop employee — which took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico — has been making waves on the internet recently, per the Daily Mail.

The video clip detailing the entire affair has been posted to YouTube by several different accounts, and those who are looking to view it should be aware that it contains strong language, including several expletives. The footage picks up after a presumed transaction, with the transwoman angrily demanding a refund — allegedly due to having been misgendered. The GameStop employee behind the counter looks flustered as the agitated customer curses at him.

In response to the profanity being tossed about by the irate shopper, a woman standing in line then says, “Excuse me, sir, there’s a young man in here,” before she is interrupted. The transwoman wheels to face her while cutting her off — correcting her by saying, “Excuse me, it’s ma’am. It is ma’am!”

“I can call the police if you’d like me to. You need to settle down,” the anonymous woman replies in a soft voice. The transwoman retorts that the other customer should, herself, settle down — and to mind her own business.

Returning her attention to the young man behind the counter, the irate customer has a few more choice words for the employee before turning to leave. As she does so, the employee once again misgenders her. It is not clear whether the slight is intentional or a nervous reaction on the part of the GameStop worker.

Following this second instance of having been misgendered, the transwoman turns back to the counter in an apparent fury. She then physically intimidates the sales associate, gesticulating wildly as she does so.

“Motherf***er [let’s] take it outside! You wanna call me sir again? I will show you a f***ing sir!”

The employee replies, “I apologize. I apologize now,” as the enraged customer again retreats from the counter, growling in exasperation as she violently kicks over a stack of assorted product on the sales floor. Before leaving the store, the fuming shopper does an about-face once again — this time to demand the corporate phone number from the clerk, so that she might file a complaint.

“I will get you that number right now,” the GameStop associate says. There is a pause before the transwoman replies, “No, you’re just going to keep bumping your gums. You’re just going to keep bumping your gums and disrespecting trans people in this store. Which I plan on telling the entire LGBTQ community. You’re going to lose money over this.”

The reaction to the viral video has been mixed on social media, with many calling out the irate customer for her erratic behavior — and others suggesting that the repeated misgendering of her was the most offensive part of the proceedings.