December 28, 2018
The 15 Most Liked Instagram Photos Of 2018 Belong To Just Five Celebrities

Instagram had one heck of a 2018, with some of the most-liked photos of all time being posted within the last year. Major life events for big-time celebrities, including Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner, and Cristiano Ronaldo, made for some of the biggest posts of all time. It just so happened that 17 of the 20 most-liked Instagram photos of all time were from 2018 and by just a few select celebrities.

Those 15 most-liked photos of 2018 were posted by just five celebrities. Of those 15, seven belonged to Kylie Jenner, five to Cristiano Ronaldo, and one each to Ariana Grande, XXXtenacion, and Justin Bieber.

Kylie's domination of Instagram in 2018 comes as no surprise, as the makeup mogul welcomed her daughter, Stormi Webster, to the world on February 1. Six out of seven of the Kylie photos include Stormi. The most liked photo of the year saw an astounding 18 million likes and was the first photo Kylie shared of her baby girl. While it was just a small snippet of Stormi's face, the photo mostly focused on Stormi's hand gripping her mother's well-manicured figure. It is without a doubt the most popular photo of all time on the platform.

The second most liked photo of the year, and of all time, went to Justin Bieber when he announced his engagement to Hailey Baldwin on July 9. The post has over 13.3 million likes, a far cry from Kylie's 18 million.Kylie took the No. 3 spot of the year, and of all time yet again, with the second photo ever posted of Stormi on March 1. The baby's face was hidden with her back to the camera as Kylie posed in front of what appears to be a garage. The post earned over 13 million likes.The No. 4 photo of the year, and of all time, went to the last photo posted of XXXtenacion before his death. The photo was shared on his timeline on May 19, just one month before his death on June 18. It is the only photo on the deceased rapper's timeline today and holds just over 13 million likes, just short of Kylie Jenner's No. 3 picture.Ariana Grande holds the spot for the fifth most liked photo of the year, which came on September 8. The singer posted a photo of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, the day after he died of an overdose. The post earned over 12.8 million likes and Ariana made sure to turn off commenting on the post.Cristiano Ronaldo holds the No. 6 and No. 7 spot for 2018. The No. 6 photo of the year has 12.5 million likes and was the most recent photo on the list, as it was of the footballer with his family on Christmas Eve. Cristiano shared the No. 7 photo on July 16 and was of his infamous Juventus announcement which garnered 12.2 million likes.Numbers eight and nine went back to Kylie Jenner, both of which were photos of baby Stormi. Kylie's August 9 photo of her baby girl earned 12.2 million likes, and her October 29 post followed up with 11.8 million likes.September 22 saw the 10th most liked photo of the year, yet again by Kylie. Another photo of Stormi saw 11.4 million likes, not too far behind the No. 9 photo of the year.Cristiano stole the numbers 11, 12 and 13 spots. The posts included different variations of photos with his girlfriend and their family on July 22, July 9, and August 21. The photos earned 11.382, 11.322, and 11.1 million likes, respectively.The No. 14 and No. 15 most liked photos of the year also went to Kylie Jenner. On November 22, Kylie shared the first photo of her family, which sits at 10.8 million likes. The No. 15 photo is the only of Kylie's that doesn't feature Stormi, but is a photo alongside her sister, Kendall Jenner. The photo has 10.6 million likes and came on October 28.The top 15 photos of the year currently have over 185 million likes combined.